• Welsh Community Rallies Round to Replace Fire-damaged Facilities
    2:11 PM

    Following a fire on June 29, which is thought to be the work of arsonists and caused over £35,000 worth of damage to Ystrad Mynach Park, community members have banded together in order to fundraise and repair the damages caused. Image Credit An Important Asset The fire, which Emergency Services were called to attend on

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  • Choosing adhesive sealants for your boat
    10:27 AM

    Getting the right type of adhesive sealant for your boat is critical, as an incorrectly finished repair can become dangerous if water can get into the structure. Before you start searching for the right product for your requirements, you should to look at the different types available and what they are best used for. Image

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  • What type of refrigeration suits your business best?
    6:22 AM

    Many businesses use refrigeration on a daily basis. Restaurants and cafes need to keep fresh produce and ingredients cold so they do not spoil, bars have to chill drinks to serve to customers, butchers need to keep meat cool, and supermarkets have to sell both frozen and chilled foodstuffs to their customers while maintaining a

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  • An Introduction to Keyword Research
    6:21 AM

    Although keyword research is just one component of search engine optimisation, its importance cannot be overstated. Unearthing the intricate details every successful SEO strategy relies on, thorough keyword research often presents large quantities of data that must be meticulously analysed and logically organised. Image Credit Understanding which keywords are relevant, both to your brand and

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  • 2:07 PM

    More police have been issued with body worn camera technology as the Metropolitan force continues what is believed to be the biggest roll-out of its kind anywhere in the world. Image Credit Police who patrol areas of the Thames river around the Greenwich, Erith and Dartford areas are amongst the latest to be given the

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  • Why Having a Holiday Trip to Abu Dhabi
    11:29 AM

    If you are travel lover, then it is relevant that you make a holiday trip to Abu Dhabi – the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is a rising city where you can experience mind blowing landmarks, restaurants, culture and heritage. Since there are many attractions to the city you definitely need

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  • Promoting Your Business Through Various Offline Modes
    6:40 PM

    Even though the Internet has taken over the entire world, there are sufficient opportunities available for businesses targeting offline promotion. It doesn’t mean that you should not opt for social media marketing. You can simply allocate your budget in a perfect ratio on online and offline promotion and get good results. That being said, offline

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  • 4 Ways to Train Employees Effectively
    5:20 PM

    When you are trying to implement a new learning management system for your company, it can be overwhelming.  Training a hundred, let alone possibly thousands, of employees can be a challenge, especially when you realize the numerous levels of skills, education, and strengths that you have to take into account with your employees. Here at

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  • How caterers can remain innovative
    6:00 AM

    A reassuring 50 per cent of caterers are optimistic about the coming year in terms of their business, according to a recent survey. In addition, a further 22 per cent said they were “slightly positive” about the coming year. This is good news for the catering industry, especially considering that many businesses are reporting concerns

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  • How To Look Classy At Your Workplace This Winter
    7:43 PM

    It is every student’s dream to get into good company as soon as he/she graduates. They work hard for years just to make this one dream come true. And if their hard work put in the right direction, they manage to secure a good job in their favorite company. In case you are also one

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