• A Few Things to Consider Before Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign
    6:02 AM

    Crowdfunding is a process in which a lot of people pool in small amounts of money to raise a large sum of money. This is raised for a particular cause be it medical, social or economic. Crowdfunding has become particularly popular since the outburst of the cyber revolution. In India too, an increased access to

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  • Ideal Time to Plant Artificial Turf
    9:44 AM

    What is the ideal time of year to plant artificial turf? The answer to this question is: Autumn or winter is the ideal time to plant artificial turf. After the summer, when the drought and the more intense use of our garden, the natural grass of our garden has noticeably deteriorated,and it is also when

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  • Essential Information for Crypto Game Investors
    8:39 AM

    The blockchain technology has already influenced all avenues of online gaming industry like Apollo Club. It has certainly improved betting and payment services. It has also achieved several breakthroughs for new game types. The blockchain-based gaming industry has still been growing largely. By creating several kinds of liquid ecosystems, various gaming companies have been much

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  • A Destination Wedding in Dubai: Everything You Must Know
    9:44 AM

    A destination wedding is an exciting event all around. Aside from tying the knot with your beloved in a stunning location, you and your partner can also go straight into your honeymoon. What’s more, both you (the couple) and your guests can make the most of the opportunity to explore the country some more and

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  • The most interesting cooking games for boys and girls
    1:33 PM

    Many children like to cook food and learn new recipes, and in cooking games they can get a lot of useful information about cooking. Young cooks have to go through many unusual tasks and difficult levels, during which they will receive invaluable experience.Manamonster prepared a lot of such interesting games for you on this here:

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  • 5 Tips To Get Out of a Traffic Ticket!
    9:13 AM

    When you get pulled over for a traffic violation, and the officer asks for your driver’s license, there is a sense of inevitability about the whole thing. It’s just a matter of minutes before you get a ticket and then you will be required to pay the fine and suffer the negative consequences of higher

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  • Cannabis can do wonders for your back pain
    5:42 PM

    Oh My God! It started again. Does this thought also come in the mind when you have back pain trouble. Most of the people in Canada somehow suffer from chronic back pain. It could be due to improper way of lifting objects, age or accident. Now and then, we have experienced this pain which decreases

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  • Qualities of the leader
    3:05 PM

    During the XX century. Numerous studies of the individual qualities of successful leaders have been conducted. Thus, the American researcher R. Stogdill proposed the following list of qualities of a leader-leader: 1) physical qualities – active, energetic, healthy, strong; 2) personal qualities – adaptability, self-confidence, credibility, the pursuit of success; 3) intellectual qualities – the

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  • Crowdfunding for sports classes in schools
    9:33 AM

    With increased urbanization, schools in the city are becoming smaller and smaller in area. Apart from the few old schools (many of which are private and expensive), kids these days have no place to play in their schools. This is even more applicable for schools that are operated by NGOs in urban areas which may

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  • Meat and Match: 11 Side Dishes That Go Great With Your Steak
    5:58 AM

    Few foods have the power that steak has. When cooked perfectly, steak can transform a mid-week dinner into something truly memorable. A perfectly seared steak, still fresh off the grill, requires very little else. But a balanced meal requires more than just a juicy steak. While a simple salad may suffice, your side dishes should

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