• Special Keyboard for People with Special Needs About to Be Launched
    1:03 PM

    Singularity University’s Portfolio Company, Key2Enable is bringing to the US and international markets Key-X, its assistive technology multifunctional keyboard that allows any person with physical, motor or intellectual disabilities to efficiently and autonomously use computers, tablets and smartphones. Gleison Fernandes, a computer scientist with Cerebral Palsy, originally developed a special 9-key keyboard to allow him

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  • Acquiring History Homework Help Has Become Easy Since It Is Available At Home
    9:16 AM

    History is the subject of studying about past events. This subject will give a thorough knowledge about the tradition and culture that lived long ago. Some students find it difficult since it involves lots of dates and events. These difficulties can be totally taken off with the help of some trained person. Trained tutors take

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  • A Helpful Guide to Cosmetic Surgery for the Nose
    5:35 AM

    Unlike the general belief, plastic or cosmetic surgery is not just an expensive procedure that people get done unnecessarily, to improve their aesthetics. Sometimes, a cosmetic surgery can be life-changing for people. Cosmetic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty is one such significant procedure that we are going to discuss here. Rhinoplasty or Cosmetic Surgery

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  • Breast lift surgery: Know the tips before doing
    3:30 PM

    Breasts lift surgery is considered as the most popular breast surgery. It helps to lift and reinstate your loose and sagging breasts. Usually, women who aren’t enthusiastic about the volume of their own breasts can select the surgery to get firm and stiff breasts. Many women are dissatisfied with their breast quantity. When in a

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  • What Is Depression and How to Cure This Sever Disease
    10:40 AM

    According to one of the reports, it was found that nearly 7% of Americans struggle with depression. Among them, women are at the high count in comparison to men. There are various reasons, but they all affect eh professional as well as personal life of the patients. Research has also revealed that people living below

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  • Qualities of a security manager
    7:03 AM

    There is a lingering perception that places the security team on one side while everyone in the organization is in another. The point of being a manager is that there is expertise that is brought to the table and with almost all facets of the company; there is a security angle that comes with it.

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