3 Grooming Products a Modern Man Should Have In His Bathroom

3 Grooming Products a Modern Man Should Have In His Bathroom

A bathroom of a modern man does say a lot about the way he approaches life—be it messy or an organized one, minimal or compulsive, a gentleman’s house or a frat’s house! However, it is a bitter truth that there are so many men who simply do not heed attention towards their bathroom and the kind of equipment they are using. A very few men do understand the importance of a properly stocked bathroom with the right set of products and something which every man should heed attention towards.

There is a good number of men’s grooming equipment and devices available in the market today.Your work is to make the right decision and pick out the product which would work best for you. You need to spend quality time towards hygiene and appearance and something which is but a necessity. Living an unhealthy lifestyle will affect you sometime or the other. On the other hand, use of proper products, following the right grooming habits and staying neat and clean will bestow with a healthy and smart lifestyle.

3 Grooming Products for a Modern Man’s Bathroom

Wet Shaving Set

Almost every morning there are millions of men who scrape their face with razor blade. It was considered as a ritual but now with a flotilla of cheap blades in the market, all that you would end up getting is razor burns, rasher, poor shaving effect together with a tinge of annoyance.

Make sure that you keep hold of the traditional wet shaving set and this would be the best you could start your day with, when it comes to dealing with your facial skin. You could even rely on the new generation electric razor however when you stick to the traditional shaving routine make sure youhave three things ready—a good quality razor, shaving cream that’s glycerin based and a good quality brush too. To gain the best of shaving experience keep a badger-hair brush always ready and a double-edged safety razor.


Never underestimate the power of good cologne and that it would last a long day. It needs to be regarded as an accent and not merely a hygiene routine for you. Make sure that you dab about two to three times. Always remember to dab or sprits it on your pulse points and it would clearly be noticed by those who come near to his intimate proximity. Hence dab it on your wrist, throat, behind the ears since the heat that’s generated from these sections will eventually help in activating the scent.

Mouthwash/Tongue Scraper

You can be the most fashionable & handsome man in your office with the best physique too, but if you smell bad then all bets are off! Halitosis or bad breath is the bacteria in your mouth that feeds on different kinds of proteins. It usually breeds on extensive dry periods, a few sorts of food or even alcohol and is quite commonly noticed after a good long night’s sleep. This is why make sure that you use regularly, a good mouthwash and this is an essential section of your everyday grooming. Also, there are so many mouthwashes that contain fluoride and this works towards strengthening your teeth.


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