3 Watches Which Can be a Gift for Your Mother

3 Watches Which Can be a Gift for Your Mother

Watches are considered as a powerful accessory for women which can either build or break a look. If you confused about the perfect gift which you can gift your mother you can definitely go for the watches. A beautiful elegant watch is surely going to make her special day even more special. It is rightly said that a good watch complement’s a women’s personality. For many women, a watch lacks a practical application. The smartphone in her purse keeps better time. Many women, therefore, shop for watches simply because they coordinate better with other pieces of jewellery. So, do not waste your time, log in to our website Select the beautiful piece of watch and gift it to your mother. You would be amazed to see the smile on her face. It would definitely light up her day. Here is a list of 3 different types of watches specially selected for your mother.

  • Analogue Watch

In the analogue watches, the display bears a miniature clock-face indicated by the 12 hours in a day. The hours in the face of the watch can either be marked as traditional numbers or in Roman numerals. In the analogue watch, the time is indicated by the positions of the rotating hand. Most of the watches have an hour-hand and a minute hand to represent the time. In some of the watches, there is also a second hand. The term digital strictly refers to the design of the display system. It is regardless of the time-keeping technology that has been used in the watch.

The analogue watches have a beauty of their own. This is the reason why many popular watch brands like Fossil, Casio, Michael Kors, Laurel, Walrus, Q&Q have a large number of analogue watches in their collection. These watches are truly a personification of good taste and sophistication. The case of the watch is mostly made up of stainless steel. The upper-end models may also be made of gold or silver. The band of the watch can be either of metal or leather or canvas. They are available in a variety of styles and design. The timeless analogue watches can be a perfect gift for your mother. Please visit our website at to check the huge variety of analogue watches handpicked for you.

  • Large Dial Watches

The large dial watches for women can also be a good choice when you wish to gift something to your mother. The matured women generally prefer a large dial watch. It creates a bold statement and goes well with her personality. Another practical advantage of this type of watch is, its easier to tell the time. If your mother has an eye problem or needs a glass to read near objects, the large dial watches are definitely the right choice for her.

The trend for large dial watches among the women started around 1960s. During this time women preferred to move away from the small bracelet-based timepieces. A trend of gradual inching upward in size started as the decades progressed. 40 to 44 mm watches became a new normal during this time period. The large dial watch also coordinates well with the bracelets or bangles in the women’s hand. The women want to wear this type of watch as a statement of style status and personal taste. Many popular brands like Fossil, Casio, Michael Kors, Laurel, Walrus, Q&Q introduces a large number of large dial watches in the market each year.

  • Jewellery Watches

Jewellery watches can also be a perfect choice for your mother. This type of watches is especially preferred by the women with a rich and extravagant taste. They prefer to wear them at a special event, or a party or wedding ceremony. These watches generally have a metal band with gold, silver, crystal, or pearl embellishments on the face. The band of the watch is mostly designed as a bracelet. You can find a large number of jewellery watches in the collection of Fossil, Michael Kors, Tissot, Cartier, Titan, Sonata, etc

The above are the 3 popular choices for your mother. You can also log in to our website at to shop for watch.

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