5 Best Wines to Pair with Your Pizza

5 Best Wines to Pair with Your Pizza

Have you had a long day at the workplace, and you want something simple yet delicious for dinner? Try out pizza combined with a bottle of wine. Although some people seem not to understand the art of pairing pizza with wine, it’s one of the best things that you can try out the next time you enter a Bring your own wine Italian restaurant for your favorite pizza. There is no better way to enjoy your slice of pizza than with a glass of sweet wine. We have gathered the top five best wines that will combine well with your pizza.

Barbera D’alba Maria, Marchesi Di Barolo

Our first pick would obviously be this pure Italian red wine that combines well with your favorite meat-driven pizza topped with either bresaola or sausage. Maria is an Italian name that translates to a young child that is always lively and giggly- a perfect description of the Barbera D’alba Maria wine. It has a beautiful nose of honey, peppercorn, wild berries and black cherry. Its finish ends with dark chocolate, baked cherry, and cedar notes.

Jules Taylor Pinot Noir 2015

As much as most people love the Pinots from the United States and France, you can’t ignore the fantastic Pinot Noir brewed in the great New Zealand. The Jules Taylor offers a full-bodied Pinot that is perfectly blended to have a taste of dark fruit flavors that is dotted with light notes of oak. This wine will be a perfect selection if you pizza has lots of vegetable toppings especially peppers and mushroom.

2012 Cline Lodi Zinfandel

Cline has always been the go-to –bottle since it’s priced fairly and still offers a great taste to pair with your pizza. You will find everything you love in a bottle of the Lodi Zinfandel- the dark berry delicious flavors and a touch of oak. If you can’t find this bottle, then the cellars will do the job right as well.

The Chook Sparkling Shiraz

Another incredible wine pairing that will leave you begging for more. The sparkling red wine is carefully brewed to offer a perfect taste that bursts with flavors of the black fruit. This wine is simply delightful, and you will love it. Brewed in Australia, the Chook Sparkling impresses with its complexity and depth.

Backsberg Pinotage 2015

From a grape varietal with a bad name to one of the most sort after wine brands in the whole world, the Backsberg Pinotage 2015 has established an unparralled reputation over the past decade. It has evolved to become South Africa’s signature grape brands . Its overall expression remains dark and ripe, but it still maintains a solid blend of freshness that is perfect when enjoyed with a pizza slice.

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