5 Places for Fishing in Seattle

5 Places for Fishing in Seattle

Seattle is one of the beautiful locations filled with lots of fun and exciting adventure on your vacation. Numerous areas are available in Seattle for fishing and other activities, so you can easily enjoy full extent in Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a place where you get the lot of outdoor fun and beautiful landscape that lets you make your vacation enjoyable with your family and friends.

Fishing on the beautiful Pacific Northwest is the best way of entertainment during the weekend or vacation. Fishing tours are available year around. Pack your fishing gear or enjoy the picnic lunch to cast the lines as well as pots to catch the best seafood easily. When you are a fishing enthusiast, then would find a wide number of fascinating fishing spots with the short drive in the downtown Seattle.

Fishing is the age-old pastime that would evoke the memory of the glassy lakes with the warm breeze. Pre-dawn wake-ups, soggier rain boots, and soggy worms would give you complete entertainment on your way. Enjoy your Seattle fishing with your friends to make your time pleasant this vacation.   For most people, fishing is the rite of passage and adventure that brings you the fantastic entertainment.

Top 5 Places for Fishing in Seattle:

Belvoir Place:

Belvoir Place is located on Seattle’s Union Bay which is 10 minutes Northeast of the Downtown. Belvoir Place will be open from 4 A.M. to 11:30 P.M daily. Belvoir Place is a grassy fishing spot located in Laurelhurst neighborhood that overlooks the Lake Union and Union Bay. This small dock is considered as the least chaotic fishing locations. Belvoir Place has the small boat launch for the hand-carried boats, and this is a beautiful spot for every first-time fisher. This is a designated pesticide-free park and acts as a prime location to teach the kids about the methods of fishing.  Belvoir Place is the best fishing spot during the April to October months as you would find many numbers of fish species like smallmouth and largemouth bass. Coastal cutthroat, black crappie, yellow perch and many others are common here.

Fairview Park:

Fairview Park is located at 5 minutes drive from the north of downtown Seattle. Located in the Portage Bay neighborhood, Fairview Park is the less crowded park and smaller which has the small boat launch of the hand-carried boats with upper level featuring the bike rack, picnic tables, log benches as well as deck having the outlook viewpoint. Fairview Park will be open from 4 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. there are lots of fishing opportunities during March to October. You could catch the steelhead trout as well as migratory salmon if you are lucky.

Green Lake Park:

Green Lake is the fishing spot that is located at 10 minutes North of the Downtown. The Green Lake Park is the crowded location as it offers lots of water sports activities that include swimming, small boating, windsurfing and much more apart from fishing. Green Lake Park is open for 24 hours, fishing pier, with the guarded beach and it brings year-round fishing opportunities. Some of the common fishes available here include brown trout, rock bass, carp, catfish and many more. The Green Lake Park also have the 3-mile path constructed for jogging, skateboarding, rollerblading, dog walking, and cycling.

Elliott Bay:

Elliott Bay normally runs along the Seattle’s waterfront, and it has many fishing spots for the people of all ages. One of the best-kept fishing secrets in the Magnolia neighborhood is Pier 86. Elliott Bay features 400-foot fishing pier with the own bait shop that covers the fish-cleaning stations. Waterfront park acts as the great fishing spot that also sits on the main thoroughfare of the Alaskan Way. Elliott Bay features safety guard rails, spans from the Pier 57 to Pier 59.

Lake Washington:

Lake Washington is one of the best Seattle fishing at the 20-mile-long body of water at the east of downtown Seattle. Favorite fishing location here at Lake Washington is Reverend Murphy Fishing Pier, and it is considered for its unobstructed views of the Mount Rainier with fantastic fishing pier.

Make your vacation enjoyable with good Seattle fishing opportunities abound saltwater fringes at nearly any time. Seattle is the favorite fishing location for most people with plenty of other water activities.

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