8 Items You Need For A Perfect Workout

8 Items You Need For A Perfect Workout

Getting in shape can definitely be a challenge, but it’s well worth the hard work. Working out can boost your mood, trim your waistline and reduce your risk of a wide range of illnesses. Getting started at the gym is simple – just make sure you have these 8 workout items with you before you head out.

  1. A fresh change of clothes: If you like to jog to the gym or travel over in your exercise clothes, don’t forget to bring a fresh outfit to change into once you’ve finished working out. Invest in a reasonably sized gym bag that can fit a change of clothes and shoes, as well as everything else you need, and tuck it away in the gym Lockers while you exercise.
  2. An eco-friendly water bottle: Plastic bottles may be cheap to buy and easy to reuse, but they won’t work for long-term use in the gym. Get yourself a large water bottle in an eco-friendly material that you can refill while you work out.
  3. Gentle skin wipes: If you wear makeup, give yourself a good cleansing session with a gentle face wipe before and after you exercise. This will clear the makeup from your skin before the sweat can melt it, and will then clean off any residual sweat so you can move on with your day with confidence. This is especially handy if you don’t have time to hit the shower after your workout.
  4. Dry shampoo: Another must-have for those who don’t shower at the gym is dry shampoo. This handy product will dry out any signs of greasiness or sweat, making your hair easier to manage and re-style.
  5. Good quality gym gear: You don’t need to drain your bank account to kit yourself up for the gym, but some decent quality active wear will definitely help. The right shoes are key, particularly if you plan to run on the treadmill or do any other high impact cardio. If strength training is your focus, specialist weight lifting shoes will provide better support than standard running shoes. Buy fitted, breathable and comfortable clothes to exercise in, and don’t scrimp on the sports bra.
  6. Post workout snacks: Re-fuelling after exercise is key to efficient muscle growth and recovery, so don’t forget to pack some nutritious snacks. Protein bars, shakes, fruits and nuts are all easy to carry on the go and will provide a necessary energy boost.
  7. Make a heart-pumping play list: The right music can make all the difference to your workout. If you’re feeling low energy but still want to hit the gym, fill your phone with upbeat, motivating music that will get you through your exercise session and empower you for the rest of the day.
  8. A clean towel: Unless you go to a fancy gym with free towels to use, it’s usually sensible to bring your own towel along with you. This can be used to wipe off machines before and after using them, and to keep your face and eyes free from sweat throughout your workout. If you plan to shower after exercising, you may want to bring an extra, larger towel along with you to dry off in the changing room.



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