9 Dogs That Are Ideal For Apartment Dwellers

9 Dogs That Are Ideal For Apartment Dwellers

Many people in small living spaces mistakenly believe that they won’t be able to adopt the dog they’ve always dreamed of owning. While dogs do usually need a reasonable amount of exercise, there are plenty of breeds out there that can thrive in even the tiniest apartment. If you’re considering inviting a canine friend into your flat, choose one of these diminutive breeds.

  1. Chihuahua: The tiny Chihuahua is an ideal apartment pup. They’re extremely small so they certainly won’t take up much space in your cramped home, and their little legs mean that they don’t need to be walked constantly to keep them healthy and happy. Chihuahua puppies are great for dog lovers who want a companion pup that they can keep by their side at all times.
  2. Bichon Frise: Bichon Frises are fluffy little bundles of love with plenty of affection and fun to offer their lucky owner. These dogs are never more than a foot tall when fully grown and aren’t likely to shed much, so they’re ideal for little apartments and dog lovers who are prone to allergies.
  3. Bulldog: Not only are Bulldogs small and compact, they’re also incredibly lazy, so they certainly don’t need a large home or big garden to run around in. Just a short daily walk will keep your pup perfectly content.
  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This adorable spaniel breed is a great choice for families without much living space. They’re full of energy and super-friendly but small enough to cuddle up on your sofa without taking up room in your home. A word of warning: these spaniels can be tough to train, but with some perseverance they can become wonderful roommates.
  5. Basenji: The Basenji may not be a well-known breed, but they’re the perfect dogs for people who live in small apartments with irritatingly thin walls. They don’t bark, don’t shed, and are small enough to live comfortably in a little apartment. They do need regular walks, but are otherwise content to live in even a tiny home.
  6. Dachshund: Who could resist a sausage dog? Dachshunds are famous for their tiny little legs and long backs, and they’re definitely diminutive enough to make themselves at home in a small apartment. They’re also incredibly cute and very friendly, so they make wonderful companions.
  7. French Bulldog: If the Bulldog isn’t quite small enough for your flat, you can go even smaller with the miniature French Bulldog. These pups were bred to sit happily in their wealthy owners’ laps, so they love to hang out with you all day and require very little exercise, just plenty of attention and love.
  8. Maltese: A little Maltese is small enough be happy in an apartment and loving enough to want to spend all of his time with you. They’re not great dogs for owners who plan to spend plenty of time out of the house as they can get separation anxiety, but they make the ideal companion for people who work from home or spend lots of time in the house.
  9. Pug: The gorgeous Pug is a quiet, relaxed, and loyal pet with plenty of personality to make up for their small size. They’re also easy to train, naturally friendly, and won’t drive your neighbours crazy by yapping.



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