A guide to Jewellery buying

A guide to Jewellery buying

Jewellery is something that has been around from over the last 100,000 years and till date holds the same cultural value and significance. From bones and stones that were adorned in the Stone Age, today, we live in the era of diamonds, platinum and gold. If clothes are the body, jewellery is the soul. No look feels complete without pairing it with the right accessories.

However with endless options to choose from, sometimes buying Real as well as Artificial Jewellery Online can become a tedious task. Here’s a detailed guide to assist you in buying the appropriate jewellery for yourself with a concise knowledge of different gems and metals.

A guide to gemstones and metals

Gemstones are formed millions of years ago under the earth’s surface through a process known as crystallization of minerals. They are commonly divided into two categories: natural and synthetic.

Natural gemstones like diamond, ruby, and sapphire occur naturally in nature. They may, however, be subject to further enhancement like polishing, refining, improving the consistency and composition, etc. On the other hand, synthetic gemstones like emerald, corundum, alexandrite, etc are created in the laboratory, though their properties and physical appearance are more or less similar to those of natural gemstones. Only an expert gemologist can distinguish between the two types.

Gemstones can be worn in different settings of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, sterling silver, etc and these settings are called metals. Depending on the size and shape of the gemstone, the metal setting is decided and the gem is fixed onto it.CAR

A guide to diamonds

Diamonds are known for their eternity and everlasting elegance. It is not surprising that people go green with envy when seeing someone sport a diamond. Such is the powerful aura of diamonds; it can never go unnoticed.

Diamonds are characterized by the four C’s: cut, clarity, colour and carat. Cut refers to the internal facets of the stone. More the number of facets, more the light disperses through it, more is the sparkle and shine of the stone. Clarity gives the internal composition of minerals formed during crystallization. Higher the composition, lower is the clarity and vice versa. The colour of the diamond ranges from colourless to yellow. The differences, however, are very subtle and almost invisible to the naked eye. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond which is directly proportional to its cost. One carat is 1/5th of a gram (200 mg).

A guide to pearls

Pearls are symbolic of understated sophistication and elegance. They are of two types: seawater pearls and freshwater pearls. The former naturally occur in the sea when a parasite transforms itself into an oyster, depositing layer upon layer of calcium carbonate in the transformation process. The cycle takes hundreds of years to complete, while freshwater pearls are created in rivers or lakes. An artificial bead is implanted in the shell and the parasite adds a coating of calcium over it. Needless to say, seawater pearls are much more valuable and expensive than freshwater pearls.

A guide to rings

Depending on the finger you wear them on, rings can have multiple meanings.

An engagement ring defines your engaged status and is usually worn on the third finger of the left hand. On the other hand, an eternity ring can be worn on any finger of either hand since it signifies the eternal love between you and your loved one. Rings are an important part of your jewellery collection and can be great options to gift someone because of their versatility and classiness. Rubies, emerald, sapphire, diamonds are among the popular options to choose from to be worn in platinum or one of the gold settings. Wearing a gold diamond bandcan even make a simple T-shirt and denim look appear stunning.

A guide to bracelets

Wearing a stylish braceletsurely makes a sophisticated style appeal. But did you know that apart from rose gold and hearts, there is a lot more to choose from? Since bracelets are worn around the wrist, size is never an issue and the only thing to keep in mind is your wrist thickness and skin tone. If you have a slender wrist and a cool skin tone, heavy cuff braceletis a good pick. For those with a thicker wrist and warm skin tone, go for a slender charm bracelet.

The flawless alignment of diamonds in a yellow gold tennis bracelet is the ideal accessory for all outings. Do you like to play with shapes? Get playful with the lovely gold bracelet with circles or design your own customized designer bracelet.Also if you are someone who loves bangles, try experimenting with white gold diamond bangle bracelet.

A guide to earrings

Earrings are an important piece of jewellery and if matched appropriately, you can pull off even the dullest of look with grace.

With rose gold diamond studs, hoop earrings, topaz earrings,freshwater pearl earrings to choose from, the options are endless and the beauty breathtaking. Depending on the look you choose to adorn and the outfit you choose to wear, go for stunning drops or chandeliers to classic studs or ear cuffs. Try to mix and match metals and stones to get that extraordinary look and feel modish. Similarly Statement earrings, Stud or Tassel earrings or Dangle earrings elevate your everyday look thereby making you look like a complete diva

Whatever you choose to wear, be bold to flaunt your style with charm and wear your attitude with grace.

A guide to necklaces and pendants

Slender chains, layered neckpieces, chokers, and designer pendants to slip into the necklace…there is a lot to choose from.

The small necklace setis a popular buy for those who like to match earrings with the necklace. Necklaces are exquisite jewellery pieces since the advent of fashion, and the styles range from glasses in chokers, to elegant diamonds in a diamond solitaire pendant necklace. If you choose to wear heavy chandeliers, try to balance the look with a simple gold chain, whereas if you wear studs, try uplifting the look with wearing a bold layered necklace.Statement necklaces are the ruling line of fashion and they go equally well with a flowing designer gown or a studded designer sari. Keep it minimalistic yet stately by choosing the right earrings, pendant and bracelet to be paired with the necklace. Wear your style like a pro fashionista by buying the right American diamond jewellery online.For traditional wear, women prefer to buy artificial kundan jewellery online that just completes the ethnic look making you the style icon.

Buying jewellery is a pleasure in itself. With mesmerizing designs and stylish trends ruling the market, there are brilliant choices to make and stunning looks to ornament yourself with. All this said, just keep in mind the above guidelines and help yourself buy the ideal jewellery for you. Know what metal appeals to you (bear in mind the allergy, if any, towards one) and which stone would look the best on you. Wear the right earrings and the right ring size. Do not forget the bracelet for your wrist. Carry all looks with pride, show off your style with elegance.


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