Addiction: Getting Past the Stigm 

Addiction: Getting Past the Stigm 

Addiction can be a tough disease to talk about. A lot of times someone who is suffering from addiction might feel embarrassed to admit or ashamed about their addiction. This can be extremely detrimental for someone who is  thinking about getting help for their addiction.  Guilt and shame about addiction fuel a never-ending spiral –  addicts often use drugs to banish those feelings of shame.


One thing that drug or alcohol abusers must realize is that they are not alone in their addiction.

Currently, over 23 million  Americans suffer from some addiction to either drugs or alcohol. Even though many people suffer from addiction, it is still not something that people are not inclined to admit that they suffer from. Many times, it could be that they do not want to disappoint family members of friends.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction will do so without passing judgment.

Many people might not be inclined to seek treatment in a drug rehab because they do not want others to find out about their struggles with either drugs or alcohol. Drug rehab centers such as Ranch Creek Recovery are a great choice for people who fall into this category.

Unlike many other drug rehab centers, Ranch Creek Recovery only treats six patients at a time. With such a low number of patients, those  receiving treatment at Ranch Creek Recovery can be assured that their privacy will be a main priority  number of patients help ensure patient confidentiality, but it also ensures that a  patient receives the individualized attention that they need.

The more comfortable a patent feels, the more receptive that they will be towards treatment. Ranch Creek Recovery works to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. Unlike other drug rehab centers, Ranch Creek Recovery offers holistic treatment options in an environment that resembles a first-class vacation getaway. With garden  therapy, yoga, and fitness programs patients will work towards making a full recovery from their addiction in a peaceful and tranquil environment.


If you suspect that yourself or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should encourage them to speak to someone that they can trust, whether it be a family member, friend, or associate. However, you shouldn’t pressure them to speak before they are comfortable. Many people might disassociate themselves from people who might appear to be pressuring them to act before they are ready to seek help. Sometimes just letting someone know that you are there for them can help them make the first step in terms of getting treatment for their addiction.

As stated before, addiction can be a tough subject for people to talk about. However, with the growing awareness of the seriousness of this disease, hopefully, addiction can be something that is no longer swept under the rug. Just like mental health disorders, addiction is a serious disease that can’t be treated alone. Speaking to a medical professional can provide some reassurance that there are people who are trained and able to help. Don’t wait until it is too late, make the call for help to learn more about the different drug and alcohol treatment programs that are best suited to address your needs.


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