AFL Grand Finals – Which Team Is Your Money On?

AFL Grand Finals – Which Team Is Your Money On?

One of the most anticipated sports events in all of Australia is the AFL, without a doubt. It also receives the highest amount of people who book tickets at unbelievable prices just to watch the match live, so one can only imagine how great the match is deemed to be within the Aussie community and around the rest of the world as well.

Every other year, the Grand Final of AFL is dubbed to be “that one day of September” – the day the winning team is announced and the crowd of people roars at the top of their lungs. It’s not just the pre-event hype that keeps on building as the day approaches, the celebrations for the winning team lasts for days and weeks after the event. This year, however, the AFL Finals is going to take place on the 30th of September. This day is anticipated by all major fans and supporters of the teams competing within the AFL.

However, when it comes to placing bets on the winning teams, one has to be sure that they know which team is winning and is sure to take the grand prize home. Of course, why would one place their bet on a team that they feel is going to lose?

So Who’s Taking the Trophy Home This Season?

Considering the fact that the year 2016 was the year of Western Bulldogs, while Sydney was the runner-up, it’s a much complicated yet heated debate as to who the winner will be this year. Will the Western Bulldogs win again? Or will this be Sydney’s year to shine?

But the tables can turn any second, and they did in 2016 when Hawthorn couldn’t even make it to the spot of the runner up. However, the possibility of them winning this year is rather high. While there’s still some time to go before the finals are played out, it’s a long shot to be biased about supporting only one team right now, and let’s not forget how common it is for the Australian Football finals odds to switch any minute, due to the unpredictable teams that are currently a part of the notable league.

However, with Hawthorn’s triple victory in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015, there’s a very high possibility that they might try to claim the throne this year as well. Hawthorn is one of the best teams currently on AFL, although they do have a high ladder to climb this season, and the reason behind their victories was pure dedication and hard work. There’s no denying the fact that with a triple victory, they truly did win the hearts of their fans, in Australia as well as across the globe.

Moreover, as far as the AFL Grand Finals of 2017 are concerned, watching out for Sydney and possibly betting your money on them might not be the best option right now. While our hearts ache to see Hawthorn win this season as well, it’s not very likely to happen.

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