Blenders for making Smoothies

Blenders for making Smoothies

Smoothies are very refreshing especially those hot summer times when you can get easily dehydrated. If you are going to the gym take a bottle of smoothie with you and it sure will give you all the energy to you. The easiest way to make a smoothie is by a blender. Throw in the chunks of frozen fruits, milk, yogurt, ice cubes in the blender and you will get a nice glass of smoothie.

Types of Smoothies and how to make them in a blender according to that

  1. Making vegetable and fruit smoothie in a blender

Vegetable or green Smoothies are the best for your health. It is very important to get a nice smooth smoothie because vegetable Smoothies which have chunks in them are not desirable. Lumps are a big no-no for a green smoothie.

  1. For making green smoothie always add the liquid part first. Among liquid substances the best for you is filtered water, coconut water, almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk. The reason to put the liquid ingredient first is that the blender so that it can work smoothly and pulls the vegetables into the blades and thus it helps it to work properly.
  2. Chop the vegetables and fruits before putting then in the blender. It makes for an easier blending. If you are combining both vegetables and fruits in you smoothie then add the fruits first then the vegetables which will make the blades in a systematic order. The blades will work on the fruits first then it will blend the vegetables.
  3. Use the pulse button – Pulse button helps the blender to finely grind the vegetables and the fruits. It also helps to dislodge pieces of fruit which get stuck in the blades.
  4. It is always wise to use Blenders whose speed can be controlled manually.
  5. Add extra liquid or even ice cubes into your smoothie. If you are adding ice cubes make sure your blender has the proper blade. Multi-prong blades are recommended for crushing ices.
  1. Smoothie Blenders for chocolate smoothie
  1. For making chocolate smoothie a special type of blender is needed whose blade should be super sharp for the chocolate to get properly blended.
  2. The other ingredients which go well with chocolate Smoothies are banana, cocoa powder, chocolate spy milk.
  3. Blend the ingredients till they are smooth.
  4. You can always add ice cubes. Whipped cream and sprinkles can be used to garnish it.

The above mentioned Smoothies are the two basic types of Smoothies.

Why cannot we make smoothie in juicer?

It is not possible to make smoothie in a juicer because, juicer extracts from the vegetables and the fruits. It does not blend the fruits and vegetables to create a smoothie. So a smoothie blender is useful to make a perfect glass of lump free smoothie.

Features to look for in a smoothie blender

  • High speed to make even the hardest materials to get blended
  • For design and space purpose if the blender is small in size then it can fit easily on the kitchen.
  • If the base is wider then it will be easier to get the elements out of the blender.
  • The blender should contain variable speed dials.
  • Pre-programmed settings are also included in some Blenders.
  • The blender should crush ices and frozen elements perfectly.
  • Robust and DC motors are ideal in a smoothie blender.
  • The jar of the blender should be suitable for dishwasher.
  • The blades should have high power output.
  • Child lock system should also be there for safety purpose.

Blenders are an important utensil in every kitchen. With time there had been a gradual development in the design, performance and capacity of blenders. A high speed powerful blender is a God’s gift for every cook out there. Blenders perform quite a number of tasks from making different kinds of fruit juices to shakes and smoothies. It is also used to make soups. Even beautiful pasta dough can be made with the help of a blender.

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