Breville BCP600Sil: Enjoy Your Citrus Juice Anytime!

Breville BCP600Sil: Enjoy Your Citrus Juice Anytime!

Juice in the morning – there’s probably no better start of a day rather than that. A regular intake of the vitamins in combination with the required doze of minerals turns to be a mere success formula of every conscious citizen with no exception. Yet, what if a quality of juice you are having is dubious? What if you just obtain it from a local store and pay little attention to what sort of ingredients are being put in there? All your striving s to stay healthy and full of energy are just going in vain then. The only way to be confident about the quality of goods you consume is to prepare them by yourself. Thus, purchasing a reliable juicer such as Breville BCP600Sil turns to be a matter of health care.


Technical features

Breville BCP600Sil citrus press comes with the dimensions 18×11 inches (handle included). The product features a tritan finned cone and a juicing dome that is suited for all citrus sizes. A no-drip spout was designed to make use of every single drop acquired from extraction process. The ultra-quiet motor in combination with BPA-free juicing parts allows for the juice extraction procedure to be fast and take minimum efforts. The grip and pressure both cone and dome create are enough to get the maximum juice yield. This effect is also achieved through the use of a large dome that can squeeze every last drop from either a small lime or a huge grapefruit.


It should be noted that the appliance is easy to clean and assemble. All parts are absolutely dishwasher safe and, as was earlier mentioned, BPA-free. A wrap around cord is attached to make it easy to store and a safety locking system is just assigned to prevent all possible injuries.

Pros and Cons

As to cons, there are actually few things one can view as the weak sides of the product. One of those is that it’s made of plastic. Naturally, the steel carcass would look much sturdier and more appealing. However, the device would also weigh more this way and thus, would lose in terms of portability. Besides, the price would become ways higher compared to what it is. Therefore, it’s hard to define whether this fact actually belongs to pros or cons. There are lots of people who admire the model’s light weight and practically effortless usability.

The strong sides should, of course, begin with the fact it is suited for citruses of all sizes. There are lots of users’ reviews that state how troublesome it is to press oranges on a lemon juice extractor. With Breville BCP600Sil by your side you’ll never bother with an issue like that. The juicer carefully separates the pulp regardless of the fruit’s size and always grants you with opportunity to enjoy a fresh flavored beverage.

Another advantage is that machine is extremely user-friendly. One doesn’t even need to read manual to get to the extraction process, everything is performed intuitively. No special skills are required to operate the device; you turn it on, press the handle and get your juice in some couple of minutes – simple as that.

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