• 8:25 AM

    Article contributed by Kimberly Clark, OC Register When he first started tutoring, Dr ElmiZulkarnain had no idea what to charge his clients. $25/hr? $50/hr? $100? Less? More? He scoured the internet for individual tutors and called tuitioncompanies in an attempt to understand the tutoring market in Singapore. After many years as a Malay language private tutor

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  • Crowdfunding for sports classes in schools
    9:33 AM

    With increased urbanization, schools in the city are becoming smaller and smaller in area. Apart from the few old schools (many of which are private and expensive), kids these days have no place to play in their schools. This is even more applicable for schools that are operated by NGOs in urban areas which may

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  • Keep Your Kid Active Over the Summer
    3:41 PM

    Some of the scariest words for parents can be hearing when the last day of the school year is. While some parents welcome the thought of their child being home, others worry how to keep them busy. That said how will you go about keeping your kid active over the summer? Research Your Options and

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  • Teens Need Driving Schools Lesson for Becoming Better Drivers
    5:33 PM

    Driving seems to be easy, and most people don’t want to drive schools and spend though it saves you a lot later. The fact is that driving might look easy, but it is one the most dangerous things people do, with teens having the largest crash risks because of inexperience on the road. If you

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  • Start Business by Teaching Students Online
    10:17 AM

    Searching for a job and getting a satisfactory one is getting harder and harder each day. You either find a job with good salary, but you aren’t happy with the job, or you find a job of your liking, but the salary is too low. Teaching is a noble profession. It is said that the

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  • The Benefits of Online Learning
    9:50 AM

    In today’s world of an education system, the online learning is becoming more popular in order to help students to increase their reading and comprehension with full flexibility. The online learning has completely changed the method of learning. As per the survey, the total number of students registering for online courses is increasing rapidly. In

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  • What It Takes to Be A Great Teacher
    2:15 PM

    Teaching is one of the noblest professions a person can choose. Rarely does a person have such an important influence on so many lives, especially if it comes to children. Good teachers are needed everywhere but teaching itself can be a tiring and demanding job. That’s why there are a few skills that are recommended

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    6:47 AM

    Being a dialect coach requires not just experience and knowledge in that accent or language, but a great learning of the art of being able to embody that in others. As a dialect coach, Britta has till now trained and taught a lot of people including actors and celebrated artists, making her one of the

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  • Perfect Options For The Reasoning Ability Now
    12:46 PM

    Technology has become the key to a new universe of education. Online learning/eLearning has become one of the most mainstream methods for accessing education. Presently, with the increasing benefits of online learning, academies that prepare students for competitive exams are additionally offering eLearning stages to help students prepare. The Civil Services Exam A large portion

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  • How Online Tutoring Can Be A Good Source Of Income As A Part Time Job
    3:29 PM

    Let’s be realistic, there are an excessive number of locales that claim you can profit effectively on the web, however not very many contrast with Studypool. Different destinations make turbulence when you join, and power you to experience an unending course, or they straight up simply don’t work. Studypool is a genuine approach to make

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