• 3 Elegant Office Bags from Gucci in India
    9:53 AM

    Ladies love to carry designer bags to office. But at the same time, one needs to keep in mind that the designer bag should complement their overall look. A bag with too much bling will appear showy and inappropriate when carried to office. If you want a subtle, sophisticated and elegant designer bag to carry

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  • Top fabric trends for 2017
    6:40 AM

    As lead times get shorter, it is increasingly important for manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition as consumers become progressively more trend-conscious. It is essential to update on-trend information regularly. Image Credit Change Product categories and seasons for the textile industry have remained in existence for generations. However, in the last few years, the

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  • A guide to Jewellery buying
    9:27 AM

    Jewellery is something that has been around from over the last 100,000 years and till date holds the same cultural value and significance. From bones and stones that were adorned in the Stone Age, today, we live in the era of diamonds, platinum and gold. If clothes are the body, jewellery is the soul. No

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  • Designing Rustic Bathrooms
    12:01 PM

    The word rustic brings up mental pictures of Little House on the Prairie, with a fireplace taking up a whole wall and buckets of well water in the kitchen. People love the look of the wood beams as well as the stone fireplace. Few wish to use a bathroom, however, that closely resembles the caricature

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  • Diverse kinds of salwar suits
    10:01 AM

    One can investigate diverse sorts of suits that can make them stand separated from that group which is as yet taking after a similar old pattern. Wearing salwarkameez really offers you to be a la mode while remaining at your own particular safe place. Ladies with shopping inclination can purchase online salwar suits and get

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  • What’s the difference between designer clothes and normal clothes?
    10:01 AM

    Who doesn’t love to wear Armani Jeans shirts, or carry a Furla bag? Well, all of us do. Isn’t it? Quite often, we are ready to pay a whooping price to buy our favorite designer apparels, and we don’t regret it either. What exactly do we get in buying these high-end brands? In one word

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  • A Guide to Backpacks for Women | Why Buy a Ladies Backpack?
    4:54 AM

    Why buy a backpack? You can use it as a college bag, work bag or a traveling bag. It comes in designer range too, just to add the glam quotient to it.It depends on what you are using the bag for.But you have to consider some things to buy the best one and use it

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  • Break the rule and rent Sherwanis to cut down your budget!
    9:26 AM

    Who says you have to buy a dress for your whole life, spending all your savings for just one day? Times are tough and keeping this factor in mind, the fashion designers and retailers are coming up with the flexibility of renting dresses, especially for those festive and expensive dresses that are worn on a

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  • 3 Grooming Products a Modern Man Should Have In His Bathroom
    6:39 AM

    A bathroom of a modern man does say a lot about the way he approaches life—be it messy or an organized one, minimal or compulsive, a gentleman’s house or a frat’s house! However, it is a bitter truth that there are so many men who simply do not heed attention towards their bathroom and the

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  • Cycling fashion trends
    8:17 AM

    Fashion is huge in today’s age and time and it has spread its wings to everything from films, television, and social media to even sports. Nowadays even sportsmen and women dress in fashionably comfortable gear even while they play. The urge to look stylish while also being comfortable is something that has spread across various

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