• September evening of French cuisine in Shangri La Belarus
    3:39 AM

    Shangri La Minsk is the best casino in Belarus, officially five years in a row awarded with the “Choice of the Year” prize. There is a whole assortment of popular games, an interesting entertainment program and prizes. An additional feature of the place are the culinary evenings with a special menu for them. On September

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  • The 6 Most Imaginative Dishes to Try in Abu Dhabi
    10:47 AM

    Every time you visit a restaurant for the first time — or even one that you’ve been to before — you may wonder if there’s something else on the menu that’s worth trying out. Sure, you may have a go-to menu item or two that keeps you coming back to your favorite place. And you

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  • Meat and Match: 11 Side Dishes That Go Great With Your Steak
    5:58 AM

    Few foods have the power that steak has. When cooked perfectly, steak can transform a mid-week dinner into something truly memorable. A perfectly seared steak, still fresh off the grill, requires very little else. But a balanced meal requires more than just a juicy steak. While a simple salad may suffice, your side dishes should

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  • 7 Tips for a Spectacular Foodie Holiday
    11:56 AM

    People travel for various reasons – and one is to taste and experience different kinds of cuisine, especially the authentic kind. But, for example, due to the different spices available and, more importantly, the adjustments made by cooks and chefs to cater to their diners’ preferences, some Arabic foods in the United States taste quite

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  • Catering mistakes that must be avoided
    5:16 AM

    The most important events of our lives are always celebrated around a table. So, it is vital to have the perfect food and menu. The summit of that celebration is a flawless catering to make that day an extraordinary day. It will be a day to be remembered as one of the most wonderful days

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  • Keurig System for Coffee Lovers
    5:15 AM

      Being passionate coffee lovers many people drink it several times a day and always care about the quality of beverage. It is so important to get the best one and that means that coffee must be fresh and hot. Sometimes it is easier to visit coffee shop and enjoy the just prepared coffee but

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  • 5 Best Wines to Pair with Your Pizza
    6:13 AM

    Have you had a long day at the workplace, and you want something simple yet delicious for dinner? Try out pizza combined with a bottle of wine. Although some people seem not to understand the art of pairing pizza with wine, it’s one of the best things that you can try out the next time

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  • Gluten Free Restaurant: For Whom Is This Dedicated
    8:03 AM

    When you grab a bite, you always think of its amazing taste and delicious quotient, rather than its component that much. Now, some fast food chains are able to present delicious food items, but those are rich in gluten and soy ingredients. Most people are vulnerable to gluten and would like to have something else.

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  • Nurture Your Family with Reliable Hamilton Beach Bread Makers
    4:28 PM

    Some of the finest things in life are hard to find, they say. But the said is not completely true when it comes to kitchen appliances. The fast paced technological lives had led to many advances in kitchen arena; they offer the best means in terms of health, nutrition and making processes. Let us check

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