• Illinois changes its health benefit benchmark plan
    12:01 PM

    In Illinois healthcare news, Illinois became the first state to change its essential health benefit-benchmark plan. The new plan approved Monday, August 27th, includes measures to fight the opioid crisis and expand mental health services access  in Illinois. “This isn’t just about rules and regulations, it’s about not giving up on people,” said Jennifer Hammer,

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  • Myths related to kidney diseases
    11:04 AM

    Unawareness about a disease and its complications is often as big a reason behind the death of an individual, as is the absence of proper treatment measures. With the increasing number of kidney disease cases in the country, it is time that people started focusing on what these ailments are and what actually causes them.

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  • A Destination Wedding in Dubai: Everything You Must Know
    9:44 AM

    A destination wedding is an exciting event all around. Aside from tying the knot with your beloved in a stunning location, you and your partner can also go straight into your honeymoon. What’s more, both you (the couple) and your guests can make the most of the opportunity to explore the country some more and

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  • Cannabis can do wonders for your back pain
    5:42 PM

    Oh My God! It started again. Does this thought also come in the mind when you have back pain trouble. Most of the people in Canada somehow suffer from chronic back pain. It could be due to improper way of lifting objects, age or accident. Now and then, we have experienced this pain which decreases

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  • Accept it; your heart needs more care!
    1:40 PM

    A survey highlights the building concern of heart-related issues. These findings are becoming the concern of people who are living in the urban cities. This so because, their life is too hectic that they don’t even has time to do exercises and keep them healthy. As compared to previous years, cardiologists are getting more appointments.

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  • Cannabis –  What It does to your mental health
    5:10 AM

    While there is little doubt that it’s dangerous to use cannabis and then drive a car or go to work, debate has raged for years over the health impact of cannabis, particularly mental health. So what does the science say? What is spliff? Spliff is a cannabis cigar which is usually hand rolled by using

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  • Obtain best MTHFR testing at cost effective price
    6:17 AM

    MTHFR (Methylene tetra hydro folate Reductase) is an important part to group folic acid in the body. This testing is undertaken to remove toxins from the body. It regulates protein functions, supports the immune system and proper RNA production. MTHFR testing removes difficult health risks to the person. Various possibilities of gene mutation are differing

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  • How much sleep do you need to stay healthy?
    6:27 PM

    Bio-hackers and workaholics alike want to believe that they can get by on less than the recommended amount of sleep. In some cases, the more extreme experimenters try to “hack” their sleep with 20-minute “power naps” every four hours, while others opt for a regular schedule of only four to six hours a night. If

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  • Tips for a bodybuilder: A Guide to Cutting
    8:21 PM

    In the training process of a bodybuilder, cutting is given the least importance because cutting means to lose weight, shed fat from the body, eat less and then you end up being lean. Cutting food down and upping cardio is a stressful experience. Being said that, people trying to cope with the cutting period with

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  • The Effect of Prevacid on Your Kidneys
    11:18 AM

    Prevacid is a drug designed to treat problems with the stomach and connected systems. It can be used to treat acid reflux, esophageal damage, and stomach ulcers. The active ingredient in Prevacid that gives it this effect is called lansoprazole. Recently, a link was discovered between Prevacid and serious side effects such as kidney disease,

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