Catering mistakes that must be avoided

Catering mistakes that must be avoided

The most important events of our lives are always celebrated around a table. So, it is vital to have the perfect food and menu. The summit of that celebration is a flawless catering to make that day an extraordinary day. It will be a day to be remembered as one of the most wonderful days of your life. To avoid disasters, the best thing is to make the right selection and hire a professional catering service.

A good catering company, professional and experienced will be responsible for avoiding errors in the choice of menu, the preparation of dishes, presentation and service.

What are the most common failures?

A menu without taking into account the season of the year

Each season brings with it climatic conditions that we need to have in mind. If disregarded we can have problems. An example: in winter with such cold temperature outside, diners feel more comforted with hot meals. In this occasion, lemonades or the most refreshing dishes are the least indicated.

Prepare a Menu without taking into account the special needs of the guests

Currently, many people have problems with food intolerances. Choose a list of dishes with varied products. Quality ingredients must be present and avoid the most problematic foods.

Not choosing a Menu according to the event to be celebrated

Each celebration requires a more appropriate menu. It is not the same a menu to celebrate a birthday, where you try to entertain everyone. But, remember that this time the host is a child and that we must act accordingly.

Not controlling the time and space of the event

It is not enough to know the approximate number of assistants to calculate furniture, essential elements of the space and other factors. It is essential to know the entrances, safety conditions, capacity and the number of parking spaces.

Not enough perseverance and prior planning

Attention to detail, meticulousness, good communication and closure of all issues related to the event are very important. We recommend having an event management solution where all aspects of the event including the food catering are taken care of in a professional manner. These days it is important to have a software in place to assist you in planning the event and being prepared about unforeseen circumstances. The popular Murphy’s Law says, “if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.” Therefore it is essential to have a plan B and a proper solution to support that plan and its changes.

Hiring without paying attention to service quality

Professional events should not be designed for you to enjoy it while the staff does the work. You must have trained staff, with experience and language proficiency if required. It is important that you post ads and have a pre-test and a thorough selection process to find the best professionals. There are also hostess agencies that train their staff in the protocol, communication or public relations.

Not having alternatives

The more variety there is between the activities and dishes, the better. If it is a long-term event, it can include sports, cultural or recreational program. Keep in mind that not all guests will have the same tastes or personal preferences. You have to be ready to serve food that matches different activities

What catering services should do instead

The first thing will be to try to find the opposite of those mistakes already mentioned.

Offering special menus and being prepared for the unexpected is among the main aspects of good service. You also have to be ready for changing locations and having last minute changes made by the clients. Remember that the idea is to please a crowd, many options have to be available for them.

Offer great food

This will definitely be the final point of the conversation. The rest of the elements will pale when compared to the quality of your food. Large amounts of food need to be planned with extra care to maintain quality and please all guests.

Be friendly

A great smile is often one of the best things to offer. Be kind to your guests and try to help them have a nice time. It is not only about the food but also about how you treat people. They will remember your food if this was served with care and a helping smile.

These are just some of the things to have in mind to avoid some mistakes and reach other goals.

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