Causes of Hair Loss in Young Men 

Causes of Hair Loss in Young Men 

Hair loss is something that can occur in men of different ages. While in the majority of cases it is a problem that affects men over the age of 40, even those who are in their early twenties can notice the thinning of the hair. Fortunately, there are some drugs that have been proven effective in the treatment of male alopecia, and you can learn more about them at If you are interested in what may cause such an early development of the problem, keep reading.


What causes young men to lose their hair?


Stress is rightly considered the 21st century killer, as it causes numerous health problems, including hair loss. Going through long period of stress or having an intense stressful incident can lead to the sudden hair loss.


Unfortunately, sometimes hair loss happens due to the genetic predisposition. In this case, having a balanced diet, avoiding stress, and having the right treatment are important to minimize the hair loss.

Side effects of medications
It’s not only chemotherapy that can cause hair loss, but there are numerous drugs out there which side effects include alopecia.



Excessive and regular consumption of alcohol can put men at risk, as alcohol depletes the levels of iron, thus leading to the poor absorption of zinc necessary for healthy hair. In addition to that, alcohol leads to dehydration, which inevitably affects the hair as the nutrients cannot get absorbed properly.

Smoking has been proven to negatively affect hair and lead to its loss due to the chemicals in tobacco.

Recreational drug use

The use of recreational drugs, especially for a long time, is extremely detrimental to one’s health and such a shock to the body can definitely manifest itself in hair loss. Drug abuse is also often accompanied by the improper diet, which only makes the state of hair worse.

Poor nutrition

Vitamin and mineral deficiency caused by the poor diet can easily cause falling out of the hair even at younger age. In some cases, it can be improved with better diet, but in others, hairs don’t grow back fully.

In some cases, removing these causes may not provide enough results. Fortunately, there exist numerous medications intended to treat male alopecia and Finasteride is one of the most effective options. It should be noted that the best results can be achieved when you combine lifestyle changes with the consumption of this drug.

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