Check This Quick Review Of Over-The-Counter Steroids

Check This Quick Review Of Over-The-Counter Steroids

Contrary to what people believe, steroids are not just meant for bodybuilding. In fact, a class of steroids, known as corticosteroids, is used for medical treatments. In the bodybuilding and fitness community, steroids refer to anabolic compounds, which can help in gaining muscles and lean mass, besides strength and endurance. Buying steroids is anything but easy. These are drugs that are available in limited amounts for certain ailments and only on prescription, and hence, most users have to buy them online from offline sources. A lot of posts are being written about over-the-counter steroids, and in this post, we will talk about these in detail

The basics

Steroids have earned a bad reputation over the last few years, thanks to the media. However, a number of steroids are available for sale, and these are not always as dangerous, as the press claims to be. Before you start with steroids, there are two important things that you need to know.  Firstly, anabolic drugs are not meant for regular use. Even the most seasoned bodybuilders use steroids with care, simply because long-term use can lead to serious and irreversible side effects. Secondly, steroids are not a replacement for exercise and diet. Unless you work hard and control your junk food habits, you will never gain those big muscles.

What are over the counter steroids?

It is possible to buy anabolic steroids over the counter. These steroids are not illegal and are much safer as compared to injectable drugs. Please note that these drugs have a few limitations. Unlike injections, these don’t work as fast as expected. However, when combined with diet and exercise, it is possible to get the right results, with the corresponding side effects, as obvious with injections. All over-the-counter steroids are designed to boost the production of testosterone in the body, besides enhancing the levels of growth hormones. Since these interfere with the endocrine system, there are a few side effects that cannot be ignored.

Most bodybuilders and athletes use over-the-counter steroids for boosting their natural hormonal levels. These steroids also affect the growth factors manufactured in the liver, and hence, you can expect to gain muscles sooner than you would do with just exercise. It also helps in increasing the production of growth hormone, which is manufactured in the “pituitary gland”. Check online to know more  about the effects and potency and gather more information before using these drugs.

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