Common Mistakes Car Owners Make When Buying Car Insurance

Common Mistakes Car Owners Make When Buying Car Insurance

Consider this scenario: You get car insurance, you pay a considerable amount every month on premiums, and then you encounter an accident. Then it hits you — you do not really understand how the policies of your auto insurance work. Will your insurance cover for your vehicle’s damage or for your injury due to the accident? 

But, really, this is not just a matter of misunderstanding. Most of the time, the mistake happens when buying the insurance. While having an insurance policy for your car should give you great relief, you should also realize that you have to buy the right one for one so you won’t end up shortchanged. 

So what are the common mistakes people make when buying car insurance?

Failure to look around

The first common mistake is quite simple — many people do not shop around for policies. This means that they may fail to see what policies usually offer, hence giving scrupulous insurance companies the chance to sell them sell than sufficient plans. 

Shopping for insurance is not just a matter of finding good, discounted deals. It’s also a matter of finding out what else is out there, hence helping you make better decisions. 

Choosing based on premium

Of course, the monthly premium you will pay is an important consideration when choosing a policy. But making a decision solely with that metric is a mistake as you may end up not getting enough auto insurance coverage. 

On the one hand, it is great to save money on insurance. You can do this by simply getting the minimum coverage, which would cover property damage but not much else. If this is the case, you won’t be covered for other types of liability — including bodily injury, personal injury, and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. 

On the other hand, you may not feel comfortable getting more coverage — coverage you feel you may not read. 

If you are in doubt, make sure you at least have the minimum necessary coverage and talk to a car insurance broker to know an expert will recommend. 

Filtering information

car insurance companies base the premium of your insurance based on several factors — from your history as a driver to the status of the car to be insured. It may be tempting not to give the insurer a clear picture of certain things it may reduce your insurance cost. 

But, of course, this is a mistake. False records — or incomplete ones — may invalidate your insurance coverage. 

Not considering the deductible

You may be tempted to choose an auto insurance plan has lower premiums but higher deductibles. But this is a huge mistake — if you do not consider your own figures. 

The deductible is the amount you have to pay before the insurance covers you — after an incident. Ask yourself: will you be able to, if necessary, pay off your deductible in one go? Make sure that you can afford that amount at any point during your policy term — and that you will be comfortable paying it. 

Limited mileage

There are several ways to save money when getting insurance. Getting insurance that offers limited mileage may not be the best idea. This deal allows you to get coverage for a lower price — but it sets a limit on your car’s mileage. When you exceed this limit, the coverage becomes invalid. 

Buying car insurance might be daunting for some consumers and yes, you can make mistakes. Learn what you need to avoid when looking for a car insurance at

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