Create a perfectly trimmed video

   Create a perfectly trimmed video

Have you watched a film on your portable device with several cuts and rued how you couldn’t enjoy it to its fullest? You may have uploaded the film from the video onto your smartphone or tablet to view it later, but realized to your dismay, that because of lack of space, parts of the film got deleted.

Often, a video file takes up a lot of space on your hard drive, or doesn’t fit on your device. In such situations, you need to compress the video, that too, without losing out on precious film.

The video compression software like the one from Movavi Video Converter helps you achieve this. This program offers a wide range of conversion presets for most of the mobile devices as well as websites.

How to shorten the length of your video:

Choose the video from your file that you wish to edit and by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button, bring it to the upper left corner of the screen. This is where you will be doing all your editing work.

You can edit the videos and view them on your mobile phones, too, so choose the format that will allow you to view it on the preferred device. The program can guide you as to which format will be appropriate so you may connect the mobile phone to the computer. Clicking on the ‘Cell Phone’ icon will suggest you the required preset.

If you wish to have a preview of how your video will appear after the conversion, you may click on ‘Convert Sample’ to have a look at your edited file

Editing and saving your file:

You would like to save your edited video so, select the output folder by clicking on the icon of a folder and preserve a place to save your handiwork.

The process of conversion of the video is just a matter of clicking the right buttons. The ‘Convert’ button is the one that will begin this process. And, once the conversion process is complete, the folder that you had marked for saving your video will open automatically.

Sharing the videos on social media:

The video compression software can help shorten the length of your videos, or films that you wish to watch at leisure, without ruining the quality of the film. On the contrary, you can make some more adjustments in the sound or the picture quality and enhance the entire experience of watching the film.

Once saved, these films can be easily shared via your smartphones onto the various social media platforms with just the click of a button.

The software can be downloaded for free on Windows and Apple. And, if you do stumble at any place during the editing process, you can seek help from the customer care support helplines.


Isn’t technology such a magical commodity? With just the click of a button, it can save our files, images and videos; it can compress video films and save those for later viewing on our portable devices. We have indeed come a long way from the times when we had to save multiple films on a single cassette!

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