Creating HTML Forms with AidaForm Online Form Builder

Creating HTML Forms with AidaForm Online Form Builder

Unless you’re a web developer, you’re probably going to struggle if you try to write your own online forms in HTML. In fact you can’t get by on HTML alone, but will require CSS to style the form and PHP to integrate it with your server.

The good news is that you don’t really need to write HTML forms from scratch, but can use AidaForm Online Form Builder instead.

How to Create a HTML Form

Before you start to create your form you should identify the type of form that you want to create and plan it out. If you’ve done that you can then start by signing up for a free account on AidaForm, and log into the platform once you do.

Actually learning how to create a form using AidaForm is very straightforward, and encompasses a few simple steps:

  1. Start creating the form by clicking on the ‘Create a Form’ button in the members’ area and selecting a template – then enter the form’s name and click ‘Create’ to proceed.
  2. Add the types of fields that you want to include in your form in the Form Editor. Each field will be a block that you can drag and position wherever you want – and customize it as required.
  3. Apply a theme to alter the appearance of your form by opening up the Form Designer. If you need to you can edit each theme and adjust its fonts, colors and other settings.
  4. Click ‘Publish’ when you’re done and select the option to generate the form code. That will automatically create the HTML embed code that you can then copy and paste to publish the form. If you prefer you could generate a direct link instead, and add it to a button on your website or paste it directly on social media.

As you can see it is easy enough and the entire process of creating a form shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you already have it planned out. If you have some time remaining you should explore the other features in AidaForm including the numerous types of fields that are available, its integration with other apps, and its data visualizations.

At the end of the day AidaForm can help you to create any type of online form that you require, and all that is needed on your part is a few minutes to structure and customize its design. If you haven’t already tried it out you should definitely do so sooner rather than later so that you’re able to see for yourself what it can do and how easy it is to create forms with its help.

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