Crew Management Software

Crew Management Software

Crew management software is a state of the art management software specifically designed for companies that are involved in the day to day management of crew members, especially those operating in the maritime industry. The software can be effectively used by crew manning agents, crewing agencies, ship management companies, as well as vessel owners. Besides, the software can be used by individuals involved in planning and scheduling operations and crew manning.

Owing to the fact that your crew is the most determinant factor towards the success of your shipping business, you need to have all the facts at your fingertips in regard to crew management. You need to keep your crew to be motivated, work as a team, and provide high-quality service to customers. These are laborious tasks to be exclusively undertaken manually by few individuals. The software is a trusted partner that can help you achieve the desired success in the maritime industry.

Why the Software Is A Must Have For Effective Crew Management.

  • It has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use.
  • It completely synchronized with all the crewing processes relevant to the maritime industry.
  • Has embedded monitoring, scheduling, and planning management prototypes thus giving you a large pool of management options that you can adopt based on your business.
  • Comes with complete maritime guidelines and regulations of different states thus protecting your crew from unknowingly getting into loggerheads with maritime laws.
  • Has the ability to generate, store, and analyze data.

Other than the outstanding features that are associated with our leading maritime management software, its efficiency, as well as benefits, cannot be understated. The software can help you effect various maritime management task.

Advantages of Crew Management Software.

  • It helps to find highly qualified crew for your maritime business.
  • It can be used to Plan or schedule your crew effectively as well as optimizing crew deployment.
  • The inherent networking ability of the software makes it possible for you to liaise and collaborate with various maritime crewing agencies.
  • Effectively manages contracts, crew qualifications, licenses, and certificates.
  • Prepare a comprehensive wage settlement plan according to CBAs and different tariffs.
  • Undertake a comprehensive appraisal on each and every crew performance.
  • Communicate resting and work hours using alert tools to non-conformities.
  • Manage different financial packages such as advances.

Why Scheduling and Planning Need Advanced Software Management.

Scheduling and planning occupy the core of maritime management industry as it directly affects the crew. Planning and scheduling of your crew will determine the motivation levels among the crew. A highly motivated crew results in achieving your maritime business objective with ease while a demotivated crew could easily bring down your business. To ensure that you keep your crew at the peak of their performance you should employ the use of crew software management in planning day to day schedules. It has the best scheduling and crew planning prototypes that you can adopt.

The bottom line is that the management software enables you to manage your maritime business with ease as well as get higher returns. 

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