Designing Rustic Bathrooms

Designing Rustic Bathrooms

The word rustic brings up mental pictures of Little House on the Prairie, with a fireplace taking up a whole wall and buckets of well water in the kitchen. People love the look of the wood beams as well as the stone fireplace. Few wish to use a bathroom, however, that closely resembles the caricature of the Southern outhouse. That’s not what rustic means. Rustic bathrooms might have wood beams. They might contain farmhouse vanities with legs, shelves and a farmhouse sink. The point is that wood makes anything look “rustic” or country.

Wood Doesn’t Go in Bathrooms

Au contraire. Think about something: wood goes on boat docks, house decks and boardwalks. They get rained and sleeted on. While it’s true the moisture evaporates, it is also true that moisture in a bathroom evaporates due to the circulation of air by the HVAC system. Additionally, the wood for bathrooms is specially treated for moisture, with water-proof tar paper behind and beneath it. If the windows and the cabinetry in bathrooms can withstand a little mist, so can other wood products in the bathroom.

Where Would I Put Wood in the Bathroom?

Homeowners pore over Houzz, House and Garden and HGTV online for ideas in dream home decorating. They’ll see wood beams on the ceilings, wood floors, hot tubs on wood decks, fireplaces surrounded by wood walls beside the hot tub, in addition to custom stand alone wood bathtubs. But that’s not all that can be done with wood in bathrooms. For example, make one wall an accent wall using what has been trending now for several years, barn wood. If homeowners want a true rustic bathroom, then many surfaces could be wood.

Homeowners searching for truly country living will appreciate mixing wood with stone in the bathroom. Added to the wood paneling, wood floors and shelves, would be one wall made of stone. Homeowners could dress up the shower with stone walls, but with a wood floor. Using reclaimed wood from old barns, which is still a hot trend, on the ceiling and floor would leave the rest of the bathroom free to include what innovations the homeowner wishes.

Rustic isn’t confined to just wood, though. Should homeowners wish a country-type bathroom, a standalone copper tub among all that wood and stone would be a truly country accent. Add to that a chandelier using deer antlers or beaten copper holding the lampshade, and homeowners will have a real country experience.

Rustic isn’t tree limbs lashed together to make a table, chair or bed frame. It’s using wood accents, stone and other things from nature to make a comfortable, pretty room. It’s memories of these things used in great-grandmother’s house. Rustic bathrooms, especially, are about relaxing in nature’s atmosphere for a stress-free bathing experience.

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