Does Tourist Fridge Magnet Factory have 2 Decades of Experience?

Does Tourist Fridge Magnet Factory have 2 Decades of Experience?

We are a china thailand bangkok tourist fridge magnet factory in the field of business for several decades. We have all CNC machines where chances of human error are minimal. Our working culture and services are utterly unique. Our management consisting of people having worked in several similar fields.  Due to the product ranges and design capability, we have several high-profile companies and customer in our hand. We perform all kind of test before delivery such as NDT, X-ray, raw material Inspection, etc.

  • Quality assurance – Quality assurance plan that we adopted is of global standard. Ours is an ISO certified company which has adopted guidelines and standards related to the desired field. We have an in-house training system for new joiners so that people become aware of the product formation and final delivery. We procure the raw materials from the companies which can offer us timely divert and complete specs.
  • Design–   We have our design and modify the same as per the requirement of the customer. We work in complete synchronization with the customer so that in case any changes occur at the time of conception, procurement, and production that can be accommodated in the product or services then and there.
  • Product Range– All kinds of material we can offer ranging from metal to non metal. Size is also of different sizes and shapes. Dispatch of the product is made after undergoing several inspections and satisfying the end user completely.

Our feedback can also be taken from our previous customer. All our machines, tool and tackles are correctly handled. We have received all kind of licenses for the manufacturing and following the guidelines and changes made to them time from to time. Anyone who is interested in our products can either call us or give us a mail along with the requirement which is desired. We will reach you shortly after that. Product before time is our motto.

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