Fast, reliable and effective converter with outstanding features

Fast, reliable and effective converter with outstanding features

With the advancement of technology, everyone wants quick and effective results. For a fast, convenient and smooth experience of extracting still images from video on Mac, it is always advisable to look for high performance software application such as Elmedia Player which provides outstanding outcome and is available in both free and paid version.

Ease of operation

The effectiveness of the movies or animations that you see in the television and theater largely depends on the frame rate. Most of the videos are displayed at 24-30 images per second. Some of the efficient and cost effective YouTube to JPG converter for Mac such as enables the user to capture either few succession of video images or whole movie into series of still images within few minutes without much effort and brainstorm. Along with JPG format, YouTube videos can be converted to other formats too such as GIF, TIFF, or PNG.

Elmedia player enables the user to directly play online video for YouTube through the app without any redundant ads or breaks.

Upgrade version

Elmedia player who is popular and effective free media player for Mac and nowadays with the use of internet everyone regardless of their technical knowledge can conveniently download and installed it on the computer. With Elmedia player users can play almost all audio video formats on Mac and significantly enhance the quality of movie watching with in-built features such as shaping audio tune, fit image into the screen, playback speed adjustment, display of playback, pause, volume, play, etc. options on the screen.

Elmedia player is free software but for advanced features and powerful tools user have to purchase PRO version at the incredibly affordable price and get access to features like

  • Easy adjustment of color, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Flip video image vertically, rotate, mirror and revert to the original
  • Subtitles support
  • Emulation of virtual surround and speakers

Impressive screenshot effortlessly

With reliable software, it is possible to take a screenshot of any image of currently playing videos, save the series of images on the hard drive, and even the user can set the interval for taking automatic screenshots.

Once you download the Elmedia player place YouTube link of the video on the browser of the Elmedia and after choosing the format to start downloading the files. Choose the location by clicking Capture tab in Preferences and from the list down choose JPG. After you receive completed video in hard drive open Elmedia click Playback and start making screenshots. On clicking the button, the screenshots will be saved in the destination.  Clicking Playback → Record a Series of Screenshots in the main menu enables the user to get series of JPG images and by just clicking the same option you can stop taking a screenshot.

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