Fun Ways To Pamper Yourself

Guy or girl; everyone needs a little pamper session every now and again. Many of us lead busy, often stressful lives, and it’s important to take time to wind down and do things that simply make you feel good. Pampering doesn’t have to mean booking yourself into a spa and spending your savings on a huge expensive treat. It can be something small and simple, but still meaningful. Use one of these ideas to treat yourself this week.

Glam up for a special occasion.

If you have a big birthday party coming up or are going out for a special occasion night out with the girls, treat yourself to an extra-special hair and makeup look by booking a mobile makeup and hair specialist to come over and get you looking celebrity-status glamorous before the big night. They can also show you some industry tricks to achieving gorgeous makeup looks and offer up some must-know beauty secrets, while giving you the chance to sit back and be pampered before a big event.

Book yourself a massage.

If you haven’t had a massage in more years than you can count and your back and neck are packed full of stress knots from too much work and not enough chill time; you could definitely use a proper massage. A back rub from your boyfriend isn’t going to have the same affect as a real massage from an expert – so book a proper hour long full body massage at a reputable salon and prepare for a relaxation session that will truly make a difference to your state of mind.

Take a staycation.

Got a day off or public holiday looming in the near future? Mark that day off as a legitimate staycation – otherwise known as a vacation that takes place without you having to get out of your pyjamas. You can do this alone or with your best girlfriend or boyfriend, depending on your mood, but you’ll need plenty of supplies. Buy your favourite snacks, get plenty of feel-good movies lined up, and make sure it’s a day that’s all about doing relaxing, fun things that you really love.

Do some DIY beauty treatments.

You don’t necessarily need a professional or a full-on spa day to give yourself some much-needed pampering. There are plenty of home-based treatments you can do that will cost you far less than booking into a spa. Buy yourself a luxurious hair mask or treatment that suits your hair, get a new nail polish and settle down for a full DIY mani-pedi, and get a single-use facial treatment to make sure your skin feels soft and smooth by the end of your session. Invite friends over if you want to make a real group pamper party out of it.

Have a genuinely relaxing bath.

Bathing time usually involves hopping in the shower, having a quick wash and then rushing on to the next thing that needs to be done. Instead of bathing in a hurry, take the time one evening to draw yourself a real, luxurious, self-care style bath time. Use scented candles to create a soothing, spa-like ambience in your bathroom, put on tranquil music, and use moisturising oils to make sure your skin gets a proper pampering.

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