Getting Into Air Gun Shooting: Thing You Need to Know

Getting Into Air Gun Shooting: Thing You Need to Know

If you are currently considering taking up shooting using air guns or pistols, the great news is that it is an incredibly easy sport to get into and is a sport that almost everyone can get involved in. Today we are here to explain just some of the basic information that people should know before starting shooting, with the ultimate intention of enabling as many people looking to start shooting to get off to the best start!

What You Need to Know


  • You have to be over the age of 18 in order to buy an air rifle in the UK and must have valid photo ID such as a passport or driving license to prove your age.
  • You can purchase air rifles and shooting equipment online from websites such as Solware, however in some cases may also have to prove you age.
  • The legal limit for air rifles and pistols that do now require a license is 12 ft/lb and therefore without a license you can only buy weapons below this limit.
  • There are air guns available to suit all budgets and beginners should consider choosing more affordable options at first to ensure they enjoy the sport before spending too much money.
  • There are many shooting clubs all over the country available for people to attend, where they can hone their shooting skills and meet other people with similar interests. Many of these clubs are always on the hunt for new members, both with and without shooting experience.
  • You are legally allowed to shoot on your own land and also on others people land if they give you full permission to do so.
  • Targets of a wide variety can be purchase so that people can practice shooting before going out and shooting properly.
  • Some small animals can legally be shot but this depends what animal and where you are – Before you go out shooting you should always ensure that you know all of the law surrounding shooting so that you do not end up getting in trouble.
  • People between the ages of 14 and 17 can use air rifles, but they cannot buy the, and can again only shoot where they have permission.
  • Under 14’s can shoot on private land but must have adult supervision at ALL times.

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