Give your lady the best oral sex of her life that’ll drive her crazy

Give your lady the best oral sex of her life that’ll drive her crazy

Your lady love must have given you the best blowjobs of your life, didn’t she? She must have and it is now your turn to give her back the pleasure that she gave you. Don’t forget that women are overly sensitive both on and off bed and henceforth you have to be too watchful about the needs of your woman. All women love oral sex because they love the idea that their man goes down to use their tongue to stimulate and seduce them.

But it is sad enough to note that there are still many men who don’t have any idea about how to do it in an exact manner. Before you go on to read the following oral tips, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t be inspired from porn videos. Here are few things that you should know about giving the best oral sex.

  • Bring an alteration to the pace

All you need to know is that one of the best ways in which you can make your lady love satisfied is by altering the pace pretty often. Begin by doing it in a slow process and next you should go wild, fast and hard on her. It is only when you alter the pace that it becomes unpredictable for her to expect what’s coming. Also try to know about the best sex positions. You may check out to know more.

  • Go slow

Go down on her and this should never be the first move that you should take. You can take your time and then gradually start building up. You should begin by kissing and gradually move towards her neck and then move towards the vagina. You shouldn’t look too desperate and eager to go there. Be slow about building the mood and then bring her to ease. This will eliminate all sorts of tension.

  • Lick the place just below the clit

Are you confused about the right spot to lick? If answered yes, then you should lick the place right below the clitoris as this is the best place to see her moan with extreme pleasure. Even though you may find her hinting you to move to another place, you should stay there for a while.

  • Seduce and stimulate her for a long time

Stimulation is the key to experiencing a splendid sex life. Since the entire procedure is oral, it’s your mouth that is mainly in action but how about adding that extra spice by using your fingers too. When it comes to stimulation, you should stimulate her clitoris and vagina. Apart from using your tongue, you can also use your fingers and don’t be confined only to the vagina. You can also lick the areas around the vagina.

Therefore, when you’re eager to give your woman the best oral sex, you should take into account the above mentioned steps. You can always search more and look for even more tips.

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