Heat Shrink Machines for Sale: Which Type is Good for Your Business?

The use of shrink wrap is a common way of covering products. Small businesses make use of heat guns to seal the packages. However, large companies require bigger and better machines to increase the speed of packaging. Here are three common types of heat shrink machines along with their mode of working.

Wrap Machines with a Chamber

This heat shrink machine comes with a chamber that is kept closed when the packaging process is ongoing. The chamber is highly insulated and helps enhance heat retention in the equipment. This ensures that the machine has no thermal dispersion, thereby reducing energy consumption to a minimum. You can use the machine to package items of various sizes even for very large ones. Fortunately, the machine takes a small space and is ideal for squeezed packaging offices.

You can purchase one of the three types of chamber wrapping machines that include manual, automatic and semi-automatic equipment. Manual types are good for small businesses that have a few items to pack. The semi-automatic ones have manual loading systems but unload using conveyor belts. Finally, the automatic ones have a fully automatic product handling system.

Tunnel Wrap Machines

Tunnel heat shrink machines are angular wrap types that replace the heat chamber with a square sealing bar. These machines have high packing speeds of up to over 700 pieces in an hour. They are simple, easy to set up and operate. You can also adapt them to different products for packaging. These machines come in semi-automatic and automatic models. Most of the automated machines require a single operator for the entire process.

Continuous Sealing Automatic Heat Shrink Machine

Continuous sealing heat shrink wrap machines are fully automatic packaging devices that are meant for industrial use. The machines come with a side deal device that increases their length and ability to handle large items. They also have a central sealing mechanism to ensure perfect seals. You can use the machines to wrap packages of any length. Some models even come with a piece counter and an option to pack single items or in groups. They also have high sealing speeds and are energy efficient. You can choose from a variety of sizes, depending on the dimensions of your items.

In addition to sealing characteristics, research on the brand that you intend to buy and only go for quality brands with a reasonable warranty period. This prevents downtime caused by a breakdown of the wrapping equipment.

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