Hospitality Management as an Advanced Course of Study

Hospitality Management as an Advanced Course of Study

Hospitality management encompasses work in a wide range of organizations: hotels, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, cruise ships, tourist destinations, forums, and many others. While many entry level jobs in hospitality fields may be obtained without a degree, hospitality management degrees can help to accelerate your career process leading to higher earnings, more career opportunities, and potentially more enjoyable work.

For students seeking to take an advanced course of study in hospitality management, they should consider starting with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. Bachelor’s degrees typically take 3-4 years for students without any undergraduate credits, and may often may be completed online or in-person. Bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management generally require 120 credit hours for completion, and prepare students for many lower level management positions. With some work experience, a bachelor’s in hospitality management may also be enough to enable graduates to achieve higher management ranks.

Master’s degrees in hospitality management are typically the most advanced course of study that hospitality managers pursue. There are many of top schools that offer online master’s in hospitality management degrees so that working students may continue their job and family responsibilities. Master’s degrees may be specializations of masters in business administration degrees, master of science degrees, or master of arts degrees. Each are appropriate for certain positions, and generally just having graduate-level business coursework with a focus on hospitality is enough. Two outlier positions that may require special graduate level hospitality management degrees include a director of hotel marketing position as well as the head of accounting at a hotel. While an MBA may be able to cater to the knowledge needed for these positions, often times an accounting or marketing degree with some hospitality courses it the proper route forward.

Additionally, professional certifications are often either prepared for in for-credit study programs or are prepared for with on-the-job experience. There are many levels of hospitality management certifications that are often expected at the best hospitality venues as you move up the ladder.


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