How Different Personalities Cope With Change

How Different Personalities Cope With Change

It “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Manley and Kenneth Blanchard is really a 98-page consider the other ways that people respond to change. Within the book, there’s two rodents and 2 rodents-size humans so we observe how each reacts when their cheese continues to be moved — not only moved, but no more around the corner.

All of us react in a different way to alter:

Some readily adapt

Some neglected and hope that existence will go back to the established order


Others positively seek it

Like a person, your ability to succeed, or failure, is dependent partly about how you adjust to change. Would you run screaming just like a banshee towards it, prepared to conquer? Or would you go sit inside a closet, close your vision and watch for it disappear, wishing that everything will go back to “normal”?

Probably the most effective entrepreneurs not just embrace change, they positively seek it understanding that greater fulfillment, greater success and greater profits include constant adaptation towards the market.

My own experience has brought me to reengineer my company three occasions to date (and I am while doing the work again) with fabulous results when i start lower one path, everything has happened that open my eyes to a different path -Body I might not have been ready or capable of seeing formerly.

My company is ever-evolving and that i wouldn’t get it every other way. Stagnant 9-to-5, perform the same factor every single day work, remain in exactly the same company for 25 years jobs are not for me personally…I would favour a root canal without Novocain.


What about you? Are you currently a:

Dynamic Dan

Dan positively looks for items to change to be able to engineer his perfect existence. He runs about trembling trees to determine what’s going to drop out and just how he is able to use that information to his advantage.

Opportunistic Oliver

Oliver does not particularly love change, but knows to search for the possibilities that abound whenever it happens. In the business enterprise, Oliver may be the guy who increases to manager almost overnight with no one knows how or why this happened (he saw an chance and Leaped onto it). Within the entrepreneurial world, Oliver sells dry wood and hot foods from the cart he pulls with the campground with an unpredicted wet day. He examines any change and finds the chance that lies within.

Scared Sally

Each time change roars its mind, Sally are available hiding and wanting that everything would stay because it was which she does not should try to learn new abilities or improve original copies. Sally is generally accusing someone, anybody, else for that change to be able to justify her hiding. In her own world, change is one thing to become feared. Sally can frequently be located employed in exactly the same job, within the same company until she’s forced out.

The majority of us have a tendency to fall under either the “Oliver” or “Sally” personality mode using the periodic “Dynamic Dan” appearance. Change isn’t disappearing – contrary, the speed where it takes place is tremendously growing – particularly with the web. To be able to succeed, you have to have the ability to anticipate, cope with and adjust to change and also the sooner, the greater.

Probably the most essential things is to check out the problem fairly and understand you have control of your ideas and just how you respond to the modification. The way you consider the modification will settle if you’re an “Opportunistic Oliver” or perhaps a “Scared Sally”. It is your existence – seize control!

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