How to Buy a Gift for a Motorsport Fan

How to Buy a Gift for a Motorsport Fan

Know anyone who loves motorsports more than breathing? Auto sports have always been a beloved pastime in Australia. Motorsports may not be as popular as football or cricket, but that doesn’t mean the fans are any less enthusiastic. If you know a motorsports fans whose birthday, anniversary or any other special day is just around the corner, here are several gift ideas to consider:

Buy New Merchandise

What’s better than merch to impress a motorsports super fan? Obviously, the fan probably would already have plenty of merch of their favourite team. But new stuff is always released and the hardcore fans always go crazy for these. Visit a specialist website like the Tickford racing shop for the latest and most desired merchandise to impress the gift receiver. Buy one or two items based to make the motorsports fans grin in delight. Instead of going for the typical shirt, try something fancy like a watch, depending on the occasion. If you are buying a gift for a boss or an acquaintance who is a motorsports fan, a high-end merchandise product would suffice well.

Try Getting Tickets to the Next Great Race

There’s really no better gift for a motorsports fan than tickets upcoming events near them. So as you might do for a football fan, consider buying tickets to a race. This could be a local race or a big one, if the gift must be fancy. Most fans just watch the races on TV, so they don’t get a good chance to actually witness the events in all their live glory. So a ticket will be much appreciated. If the ticket is for a huge race, then the gift recipient would love your forever.

Buy Motorsports Video Games

Why not buy your gift recipient something different from merchandise? There are plenty of amazing motorsports video game titles that most fans would kill for. Video games tend to be on the expensive side, so this would be a great gift that would be fitting without looking cheap. Buy a new title because the fan might already own older titles. It’s best to make sure the fan has the type of console or a PC to play the game on. There’s no point in buying a video game if the console at home doesn’t match. Gaming titles that come with steering wheel accessories would be much appreciated as well.

Get a Vehicle Upgrade

Motorsports fans are car lovers, needless to say. If you want to get something truly special as a gift, consider taking the gift recipient’s car to the local auto shop for an upgrade. There are simple, low-cost, but still highly effective upgrades that can boost the engine powers of regular cars and improve speeds. There are also aesthetic improvements that can be made, such as giving the vehicle a paint job with logos or colours of a favourite team, for example.


Like action figures for franchise lovers, there are plenty of toys you can buy for a motorsports fan. If the fan is younger and still in school, a motorsports-themed toy would be most appropriate compared to tickets. Browse specialist shops or ask around for suggestions. The gift recipient would still be quite impressed.

It’s not that difficult to buy a gift for a motorsports lover if you know what to look for. Use the above suggestions to purchase a great and highly appropriate gift.

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