How To Increase The Effects Of Winstrol Cycle – Some Tips For You

How To Increase The Effects Of Winstrol Cycle – Some Tips For You

Before starting any steroid cycle, the important aspect that you should consider is the potential results that you can expect from each steroid cycle. The same goes for winstrol cycle too.

It is not easy to just randomly assume about the possible results that you can expect from the winstrol cycle. The best way to determe the possible results of winstrol cycle is by going through the reviews that are left behind by the users of the steroid supplement cycle. However, you should always remember the fact that any steroid supplement, which worked perfectly well for some users, may not be the right answer for your requirements, as the body system of each person varies from one another.

Dosage Cycle of Winstrol Cycle

The users of steroid supplements, who are already familiar with the steroid usage prefer taking the supplement of about 50mg on daily basis. This dosage cycle continues for about 6 weeks. Athletes and bodybuilders take about 100mg prior to their sporting event for performance enhancement.


The suggested dosage of winstrol to experience gains in muscle mass after 6 weeks is explained below.

  • 8mg on daily basis for the first two weeks.
  • 10mg on daily basis from 3rd week and continues till 6th week.

Stacks for Winstrol Supplement

The commonly used steroid supplements for stacking with winstrol during the winny cycle include trenbolone, nolvadex, testosterone, anadrol, equipoise, proviron, halotestin, and so on. You can choose the supplement that offers the results that you are expecting from the cycle for stacking with winstrol. Remember to consult your physician before planning to proceed with the steroid cycle.

Some cycles may last up to 6 weeks, whereas some may last up to 8 to 12 weeks depending on the steroid supplements that are used for stacking.

Expectations from Winstrol Cycle

Winstrol supplement is available in oral forms and also in the form of injections. The oral form of the supplement is usually referred to as stanozolol and the injection form of the supplement is referred to as winstrol depot.

There are many factors that have an important role to play in determining the results of winstrol cycle. They are listed below.

  • Height
  • Exercise routine
  • Lifestyle
  • Age
  • Diet
  • Weight
  • Health and wellness of a person

Winstrol, or also known as winny, is in use from past few years by the bodybuilders for its wonderful benefits. It helps the user to not only enjoy stronger muscular mass, but also with increased stamina and improved physique.

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