How to send wine to China?

How to send wine to China?

If you wish to send wine internationally, it doesn’t matter which country you wish to send it, there are some rules you have to consider.  Let’s get through some points you have to keep in mind and consider in sending wine to China:

When you wish to send wine to another country, your pro forma or commercial invoice needs to be very detailed. You have to mention how many bottles you’re sending, the quantity measurement, the country of origin, wine type, alcohol percentage, wine type and if it’s for personal use or for commercial matter.

  • The taxes and duties are very strict and very high in many countries because of a variety of rules this countries applied for alcoholic drink import. For China this is not applicable, the taxes to send wine to China are very acceptable.

Customs are very strict with alcohol delivery so it’s very important to gather all the information you have to stay strict to and just after pack the bottles for shipping. Also, because we are talking here about sending our package to China, we have to consider some things regarding to customs.

There were many reports from costumers that their package was opened. There are thieves who work in this area and open the packages hoping they’ll find something precious. Also you have to consider that postal offices in China use to lose smaller packages, so you have to track your package to make sure it was delivered properly. This is not an issue when you’re selling wine, because it has a weight higher than 1 kg, but still, tracking is very important.

Another thing you have to consider is that Chinese customs do open packages, usually randomly, because they’re trying to prevent illegal things to enter the country.

Wine is a fragile item to send with post, so make sure it’s packed properly, but don’t pack it very heavy because it might give the customs the impression that it’s something illegal.

What more do we have here? Shipping time. You have to consider this matter two, especially if you have an estimated date when the wine has to arrive. Delivery and customs might take from 3 weeks up to 4 months in China, so it’s very important to think through how you wish to send the wines and when should they arrive, so you’d be able to make the calculation and choose the best option for your delivery.

What would be the better choice if the wine you’d wish to send is going to be a gift and it’s not sent for commercial use? Also if there is no special type you want to send, which you can find just in your country? You can choose Chinese gift delivery services. It costs less, it’s delivered in a maximum few days and it’s cheaper. Of course the Chinese gift delivery has its bad parts, as everything has. This is why you should think over every matter so you’d be able to make the best choice for you.

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