Mens Casual Waistcoat Buying Guide

Mens Casual Waistcoat Buying Guide

Suit vests or also known as a waistcoat in the UK is a fashion staple. In the past years, waistcoats are worn by an older gentleman for a formal occasion. But today’s fashion has changed. The waistcoat is an eye-catching fashion item to complement both formal and casual occasion. Even though mix and match waistcoat seems like a no brainer, but actually there are few rules that you should never ignore. The key or wearing waistcoat is to consider the occasion where you want to show off the waistcoat. The provides various kind of waistcoat in pattern and colors. Before you head to the stores, here are some basic mens casual waistcoat buying guides

The style

The waistcoat is a versatile stylish addition to the outfit. It provides additional warm and extra layers in winter and it allows you to strip off the jacket and roll up the sleeve on summer and still looks stylish. In general, there are two different kinds of waistcoat style which are casual and formal. The casual waistcoat is the one that you can wear every day when you need to steer clear of a feature from formality. Instead of choosing shiny fabrics and matching color, go for corduroy or tweed waistcoat to add texture to your outfits. It also prevents you from looking sleek and sharp. Mens casual waistcoat usually is single breasted with no lapels. Meanwhile, formal waistcoats are usually identical with dinners, work, and parties which you need to dress up for a little bit. For this look, you can choose a single-breasted style with sleek fabrics.

The fabrics

Waistcoats are made of various kinds of fabrics. Each of the fabrics is specifically made for the different occasion. When you are choosing the right waistcoat, you need also to consider the fabrics. The common fabrics for waistcoat are silk, wool, linen, cotton, tweed, corduroy, and mohair. There are advantage and disadvantage of every fabric. Thus, you need to know the occasion that requires you to wear the waist coat.


Some people want extra touch for the waistcoat. The common choice is the lining on the back or inside the waistcoat which usually made from silk. This personalization adds an edgy style to the waistcoat, especially on the back lining. You can also ask for a print on the inside if you want a more personal touch. Another personalization touch is having initials printed on the inside of the waistcoat is made at the tailor.

The color – the color is another important part when choosing waistcoat. There are various colors of waistcoat available such as brown, gray, black, and even printed. With the wide array of color choices, there is certainly one waistcoat to suit every body. Before choosing one, make sure that the color of the waistcoat match with the suit and trouser.

Plain or pattern – pattern waistcoat is also a popular choice for a casual look. The common pattern for waistcoat is stripe and check. The choice between plain or pattern waistcoat is definitely a personal preference. You can pair pattern waistcoat with a plain shirt or if you are brave enough, you can also match pattern waistcoat with the rest of the suit.

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