Modern online classroom recording solution

Modern online classroom recording solution

First, the demand background:

The number of teaching points in remote areas, widely distributed; traffic inconvenience, teaching hardware equipment backward, difficult conditions; teachers difficult to stay, teachers shortage; school is not homogeneous, not good lesson; rural students and students in the city level gap The bigger ones;

2015 “on the further enrichment of education information pilot work content of the views of” clearly pointed out that we should focus on exploring the opening of the “delivery class”, focus on the development of music, art, English, information technology and other shortcomings of curriculum resources and ethnic bilingual teaching resources to solve remote areas Problems in the Shortage of Teachers’ Schools in Compulsory Education Schools.

1. Host embedded interactive function – To abandon the traditional recording and broadcasting system + video conferencing structure, recording and broadcasting host embedded recording, tracking, interactive, audio four functions, simplify the system architecture (recording host + HD PTZ camera), with the recording and broadcasting system can build remote Interactive online classroom, improve system stability.

2. Built-in MCU, single host support multi-party interaction – Recording and broadcasting host built-in MCU function, a recording and broadcasting host to support access to multiple video conferencing terminal, each recording and broadcasting host are the main venue to achieve a lower input multi-interaction to meet the needs of interactive classroom.

3. Multi-brand interoperability, to avoid duplication enough to buy equipment – The system adopts standard SIP protocol, which supports interconnection with mainstream video conference terminal, flexible configuration, reasonable scheme, improvement of school, equipment utilization, and promotion of large-scale application of remote interactive classroom.

4. 0.1 seconds ultra-low delay, high-definition audio and video real-time interaction – 0.1 seconds ultra-low latency interaction, 1080P dynamic HD picture only need 1.5M stream, 720P dynamic HD picture is only 500K stream, greatly reducing the dependence on the network bandwidth; local teacher picture, local student screen, remote Student screen, VGA screen switch smooth, natural, in line with the principles of educational video.

5. Flexible management of the delivery class, on a good lesson, on the lesson – The management of the classroom is distributed in the main venue of the recording and broadcasting host, without the need to go through the higher education department can carry out synchronized interactive classroom, the main venue to flexibly control the time and content, to help poor and poor areas on a good lesson.

6. interactive recording and broadcasting correct, quality courses at any time with – Complete recording interactive teaching process, remote teaching point access to educational resources cloud platform, real-time review of quality teaching resources; The main classroom using 4-way video and a local computer VGA automatic tracking recording and recording system, shooting quality course material, to create “a division of a class of excellent lessons lesson”;

Listen to classrooms using 2-way video and a local computer VGA class class automatic recording and broadcasting system, not only can record normalized teaching courses, but also support and lecturer interaction.

7. A variety of control methods, heart control – Support visual touch screen, in control, web and other kinds of guide control mode, equipped with automatic / semi-automatic / full manual mode, free to deal with all kinds of teaching scene needs.

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