Out with the Gold in with the New …Tungsten Carbide that is.

Out with the Gold in with the New …Tungsten Carbide that is.

Tungsten Carbide is becoming a popular choice for wedding bands; it is less expensive and more durable then precious metals.  With the price of gold rising, the popular choice is starting to become less popular. Gold is very fragile and is not as pure due to its delicate nature. If your occupation is more along the lines of manual labor or in fear of damaging your jewelry or just looking for a durable cheaper alternative; then a men’s tungsten wedding bands maybe the right choice for you.  

When compared to most common metals used for jewelry, Tungsten is rated as one of the best.  Platinum, Gold, and Silver are actual considered to be the most susceptible to scratches and dents. Tungsten is highly scratch resistant, with only black ceramic being rated as same. Its density (weight) is similar to that of a platinum ring, not to heavy but also not as light as the other alternative metals.  It takes very little to transform it into a wedding band, which makes in only the second highest on the metal purity scale (platinum is the highest).

Wedding bands made out of this material are will not dent nor are you able to resize this once purchased due to its chemical compound.  Tungsten Carbide is just as strong as steel if not stronger. One of the possible downfalls of this metal is that if you experience extreme weight loss/gain the ring will probably no longer fit.  Although it may seem as if a tungsten ring is indestructible, if enough pressure is applied it can shatter. Tungsten carbide is very hypoallergenic and is even utilized in the medical field when creating surgical instruments.

Men’s Tungsten wedding bands can come in a variation of colors white, gray, and black if you want a nontraditional look.  For a white look similar to platinum, white gold, and silver you would have to opt for a polished finish. And for a gray/stainless steel look the brushed finish would need to be selected. In order to create a black look it is not as easy as a simple finish. The band would need to be combined with titanium zirconium alloy, which will also change its chemical makeup. This combination makes it more prone to scratches, since it is now a titanium mix.

Pricing for these rings can start as low as $199 and even lower when listed on sale. On the high end, tungsten can be mixed with other metals and stones; reaching price points in the thousands. So when making a decision on which type of wedding band to purchase, tungsten may be the right choice as it is affordable, durable, and fashionable.


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