Personalized photo gifts for men

Personalized photo gifts for men

Dad, son, grandpa, grandson, uncle, nephew, brother, boyfriend. Men form an indispensable part of our lives. How to make them feel cherished, credited or cared for? By bestowing them a personalized photo gifts.

Gifts are galore these days and just flood the market. But choosing personalized photo gifts for men is a challenge and let’s face it. Here are some suggestions.

What personalized photo gifts can be given to men?

  1.     Charm him with a Coffee Mug

Men are great coffee drinks. Not a day passes by before gulping down mugs of coffee. Gift your guy or loved male person his very own personal photo coffee mug. Get it custom printed with his best photograph and he will love you for it!

Specialize the beverage mug with your personal message and photo to give it that extra touch. You can choose from a wide range of mugs like regular coffee mugs or small sized tea mugs. for a surprise element to be added, you can choose a magic mug which changes colours once the hot brew is poured inside. For a sober appearance, choose classic black mugs. For that rich look, choose metallic mugs. For durability, unbreakable mugs are the best. Get an air of sophistication with a premium engraved mug. In short, a personalized mug would be the ideal gift for the male persona.

  1.     Tug his heart with a T-shirt

Men love to dress and show off.  Buy him a photo-printed T-shirt embossed with his photo or yours.  Watch him wear it often and go strutting about like a proud peacock. Photo-printed T-shirts come in round and V-shaped necks to suit your style.

  1.     Please him with a photo frame

Every guy has at least one personalised photo frame on his office desk to lend it a personal touch. Make that photo frame yours. Create your photo frame online by uploading your design to your print specialists site. Get the frame designed with distinction and superior quality and watch him feel perfectly pleased.

  1.     Capture his heart with a canvas roll

Get a personalized canvas roll with is favourite pictures or paintings. Design it with a difference and watch it transform the wall into an art gallery. He will surely want to hang it at his office in his room or at the reception lunge. You can even have collages designed to your taste and printed on rolled canvas for better effects.


  1.     Mind-blowing magnets to mesmerize him

Craft a fridge magnet for your male relative and stick it on his file cabinet or fridge. Each time he looks at it, he will remember you fondly.

Apart from these, there are a host of other items that can be personalized with photos- mousepads,  keychains, tea coasters, pens, sippers, folders, phone cases etc. But the ones that really catch a male’s fancy are listed above. Make sure that you design and procure your personalized photo gift for him from a seasoned Gift provider keeping in mind these tips.

What men look for in personalized photo gifts?

  1. Men like the gift to be bold and impressive.
  2. Males always appreciate quality. so do not compromise on the quality of the gift.
  3. A gift with a professional look and purpose is well appreciated.
  4. Men go more for utility items than fancy ones.
  5. While women love sentimental gifts, men often prefer practical ones.
  6. Dignity and distinction are what counts in a gift for men.

Make sure you floor your male relative or friend with the right kind of personalized photo gift procured from the best gift specialist in town.

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