Planning a Meal for Christmas

Planning a Meal for Christmas

Christmas is a time for friends and family. It’s also a time for a good meal. Many people love planning a meal this time of the year. They want to have something that everyone will enjoy eating. A good plan for a large family meal should include lots of special foods that many people only eat during this time of the year. While many people have specific menu items like cranberry casserole that they only serve during Christmas, now can also be the time of year to experiment with newer, more modern flavors and tastes. This is the time of year to think about updating old classics to help give them a new twist. Surprise and delight your guests with something they have not seen before. 

Great Classics

This is the time of year to turn to classics that everyone likes. A large ham is perfect for entertaining many guests. Think about glazes that help add a layer of flavor like cherries. Another excellent choice that many people love eating are casseroles made from varied vegetables like green beans with a white sauce and some sautéed onions. This is also the time of year to bring out candy boxes with old fashioned sweet treats like classic ribbon candies, frosted gingerbread, chocolates and candied nuts. Ask your guests to bring something with them to the party they know others will also love. Many families have family food traditions. Now is the time to turn to them again. 

New, Fun Items 

While classic Christmas favorites are wonderful, you can also bring the fun with new items. Think about special recipes you have seen lately on television. You can use them in your own dishes. You can turn ordinary items into something that will give your Christmas meal a real pop. For example, you might want to add nuts to the stuffing or update the stuffing with a bit of special herbs that you have not used before. People love tasting something that is new even during the holidays. An old favorite becomes a source of conversation and admiration when you show how it can be updated carefully in time for the holidays. 

A Special Family Time

You really want everyone to feel as if they are entering a space devoted to warm friendly times. A good box of chocolates that everyone loves is a great way to greet your guests. Then you can bring out other things you’ve been preparing all day long. You want to make your guests happy as you greet the new Christmas. You also want them to feel cherished and loved. A good, well thought out holiday menu is the perfect way to help create wonderful family memories. You and your guests can spend lots of quality time in a congenial and relaxed setting that is all about getting together as a family. When you take the time to make a menu that you know everyone will enjoy, you make a great Christmas.


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