Qualities of a security manager

Qualities of a security manager

There is a lingering perception that places the security team on one side while everyone in the organization is in another. The point of being a manager is that there is expertise that is brought to the table and with almost all facets of the company; there is a security angle that comes with it. Therefore, to be a reputable security manager doesn’t have different requirements as with other managers. There is the overall expectation that falls in all leaders. However, what set them apart are the details of the day-to-day undertaking.

As we highlight the qualities of a respectable security manager, bear in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive but merely a snapshot of the basic requirements.

Working in tandem with the overall business plan

The purpose of a company’s strategy is to align all departments, and the security department is no exception. The work done within this part of the organization should fit into the greater vision the company has. If the company is looking to move to a new server because their waterfall development lifecycle website is getting heavy traffic, the role of the security personnel is to draft a pros and cons list as it pertains to the security of the company’s private information. The solutions placed forth should feed into the goal and not about making what appear to be random suggestions as to how the strengthen security.

Have a seat at the table

Departments like finance and programs have a lion share of control when it comes to meetings, while other departments like IT and HR are called upon when something affecting the other two departments comes into play. While this is not crosscutting, it is a reality that many firms face. A security manager must then work to ascertain the relevance of the role in the daily running of the business. It requires being relevant and in step with the other departments, providing ways for efficient running and merely making the lives of everyone in the organization easy and have them feeling safer, whether online or otherwise.

Industry knowledge

This last point feeds into the previous one with regards to information sharing. Ultimately all data put forward are suggestions that are yet to become final. The quickest way to ensure that plans set forth get adopted through having industry knowledge with regards to the challenges the company has. That means being aware of what competitors are doing, how to get ahead and all the while keeping budgets friendly. It shows that you’re both knowledgeable and an asset to the firm.

Wrap up

Being a security manager requires having leadership qualities and being an ally as the company navigates the current atmosphere where physical and digital attacks are frequent than in the past years. More so, it is about creating an environment where everyone feels safe as they undertake their duties.

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