Registering multiple domains? coupons will help

Registering multiple domains? coupons will help

If you are planning to market your business by starting your own website then you have to think about every aspect of running it. One of the most important issues is brand protection. In this article, we talk about the importance of multiple domain name registration in brand protection. We also look at a couple of examples of multiple domain name registration at and how to reduce costs using discount coupons for

Multiple domain registration is a must; here is why

Most online businesses do not consider multiple domain registration at the beginning of starting a website. Typically, most webmasters feel lucky to get the domain name they want in the .com form.

Single domain registration is risky

As the proprietor of an ecommerce business, you should be aware of the following dangers that come with having a single domain name extension.


You may expose yourself to marketing attacks when rival business set up websites using the same domain with different extension. These sites could potentially fool your customers into thinking that they are visiting your site.

Moreover, these sites may be very poor in the design and functionality. Your customers, thinking that the site is yours, will get a bad impression about your business. Websites, that look like yours, but aren’t, can be very bad for your reputation.

Another threat is traffic funneling. This is when competitors register domains with different extensions that are close misspellings to yours in order to attract all the traffic from people who misspelled your domain.

Today cybersquatting is very common. This is when someone registers a domain name identical to yours, but with a different extension. A few years later, if your business is doing very well, they will offer you the domain at premium prices.

In some cases, it is advisable to register the same domain name in other extensions as a precautionary measure. So apart of registering com, .net or .ca of your business, it might be a good idea to register some misspellings of the main domain just to fortify your brand.

Why you are better off having multiple domains for your ecommerce site

It is a smart thing to register your domain with multiple extensions which means you avoid all the above mentioned problems. You also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Prevent competitors from buying similar domains.
  2. Create targeted ad campaigns which focus on different markets.
  3. Having multiple domains means getting extra traffic from misspellings of your domain.
  4. Secure your brand and prevent attacks on your ecommerce brand. coupons

If you are thinking of getting different domain names, look no further than The rates are very reasonable. You can get a two-year .comregistration from only$25.83. If you were to register the same domain with .net and .asia extensions it would cost you $28.41 and $51.68 respectively for two years.

If you decide to register one or more domain names, then promo code FILMRIOT and save 25% in your investment.

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