Resident Evil 2002 – Where it all begin to start for Anderson?

Resident Evil 2002 – Where it all begin to start for Anderson?

Resident Evil was probably the first movie where one actually felt the fear of the zombies and it built the legacies for many more movies in the series to follow. The movie was an absolute peach and it almost made you feel that the zombies exist in reality. The first resident evil movie stars Milla Jovovich in the main lead along with Michelle Rodriguez. The support cast of the movie is   James Purefoy, Colin Salmon, Eric Mabius and Martin Crews. The film has elements from the video game of Resident evil and resident evil 2.

Plot of the movie – An artificial intelligence unit known as Hive is contaminated by a thief and the unit Red Queen, seals the hive. The plot revolves around Alice and how the virus leads everyone to become zombies. The movie shows us how the Roccon city is fully taken over by the zombies and how the star cast of the movie keeps fighting against them. At the end, the fully city is captured and destroyed by the zombies. Alice in the end shoots herself to leave us puzzled about what is to come in the next movie of the series.

Point wise review –

Movie plot – The plot of the movie was quite interesting and it literally made everyone believe that there can be a world full of zombies. The audience always feel connected with the plot and there is always an element of suspense about what is next to come. Overall, the plot is good enough to bind the audience to the movie.

Star cast – The star cast of the movie has done an amazing performance and at every actor has done justice to his and her role. Alice or Jovovich is superb in her role and her actions against the zombies will make use love her more. She is probably the major reason why the director come up with five more parts and created a legacy of the movie.

The other actors in the movie such as Michelle Rodriguez are also superb in their roles making even the staunchest of critics to acclaim such a wonderful experience.

Animation – This was probably the first movie where true quality animation was on display and audiences were nothing but mesmerized at the movie. The visuals of zombies appearing and running a riot in the city was truly exceptional making everyone to praise for the animation and visual effects of the movie.

Direction – The best part of the movie was its direction and Anderson was truly magical with the direction of the movie. At no point of movie, one feels disjointed with the plot and he has done a great job in binding the audience.

There was always a new twist coming up and the last scene of the movie left everyone watching the movie dazed and puzzled. This was a perfect platform for Anderson to create his and resident evil’s legacy with all the five movies in the series being immensely successful on the box office across the globe.

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