Sustainable and Ethical Men’s Clothing Brands

Sustainable and Ethical Men’s Clothing Brands

Sadly, it is all too difficult to source sustainable, ethical fashion and many of our clothes create a huge environmental footprint. Although there are guidelines in place, many brands tread a fine line when it comes to clothing production. However, there are a range of brands trying to change this, with a focus on ‘slow fashion’ and encouraging consumers to invest in quality pieces which will last for years, rather than a season.


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Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton are all sustainably sourced and will ensure clothes are breathable, soft and durable. With the provision of transparent supply chains, biodegradable products and a reduction in the use of harmful chemicals in the process, many companies are making the effort to make production sustainable.

This is recognised by a number of organisations, including the Fair Trade Foundation and the Soil Association.

If you are looking for mens designer clothes such as, you might also like to check out some favourite brands below.


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Originally an Australian company, Thought now operate in North London, creating a range of clothes for both men and women using wool, cotton, hemp and bamboo. Shipping impact is reduced as all pieces are completely manufactured in the same country. Thought is also one of the founders of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

People Tree

With over 25 years’ experience in the sustainable clothing sector, People Tree is one for the biggest brands, operating across 13 developing countries and following very strict fair trade guidelines.


With a real focus on cost reducing technologies, both environmental and financial, Rapanui’s printing processes are low waste and their factory, situated in the Isle of Wight, is wind powered. The production process pathway, complete with interactive map, accompanies each item for sale on their website.


In order to cut down on water pollution, Finisterre, based in Cornwall, has pledged to be fluorocarbon free by 2018. The range, which can be described as ‘outdoorsy’, utilises recycled and organic fabrics throughout and the company will happily repair items which become damaged or tired over time.

Absolutely Bear

Appearing on the scene just a year age, Absolutely Bear sources only suppliers which are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. The company also donates ten percent of all profits to its two charity partners.

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