The Age Guide to Lip Filler Treatment

The Age Guide to Lip Filler Treatment

Lip fillers can’t be administered by just anyone; there is a real skill to it!  Who you choose to administer your lip injections will make a significant difference between having a fuller, more natural-look rather than an over-filled one. Obtaining beautiful, natural lips through dermal fillers is in the hands of the injector; which is why it’s so important to find a qualified and experienced professional injector.

Individuals at every age have different motivations and goals when it comes to their lips. Patients in their 20s, normally look for better facial balance and fuller lips. For patients 50 and up, an injectable lip enhancement can correct wrinkles and volume loss around the mouth.

Our Lips in our 20s

Twenty-somethings usually have issues with flawed lips like thin lips or problems with asymmetry so they usually tend to go for the fuller lip look.

Our Lips in our 30s

Our lips are as full as they will ever (naturally) be when we’re in our late teens. When we hit our 30s thinning begins, and it’s generally pretty noticeable. This is the age where the most significant issue is elastin and collagen loss, resulting in dry and thin lips.

Lip lines can also be noticeable, and they develop from the natural ageing process as well as exposure to the sun. The upper lip wrinkles due to daily facial expressions and increased muscle activity.

Our Lips in our 40s

For individuals that are in their 40s, they may see more thinning and drying of the lips. The corners around the mouth and laugh lines also change. This area may become more distinct, so it should be addressed, so that it supports the lips in a natural-looking way. Restoration is the key for individuals in their 40s; lip filler clinics in the Gold Coast & Brisbane can help restore lips for people in their 20s all the way through to their 60s.

Our Lips in our 50s

Individuals in their 50s, mostly experience fat, collagen and bone loss in the mid-face which will dramatically affect the shape of their mouth. The area of white from the nose to the border at the top of the upper lip stretches, so often they will need a qualified and experienced injector to recreate the philtral columns and Cupid’s bow to restore the lip back to a youthful state. Through the masterful application of neurotoxins and fillers to these areas, the volume and natural shape of the lips can be restored.

Our Lips in our 60s

The same problems that are often seen in patients in their 50s are evident in individuals in their 60s too. To address these issues, the focus is on treating perioral lines and restoring volume and facial structures around the lip.

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