The Effects of US-Chinese Relations to Surrounding Nations

The Effects of US-Chinese Relations to Surrounding Nations

The relationship between the US and China, though a complicated and difficult, is one where both sides benefit a lot if not. Two of the superpowers of the world, even though they are not allies still manage to make agreements in order to conduct business. It is hard to deny that both the US and China earn a lot by conducting trade across both countries and benefit a lot from the importation and exportation of goods between both countries. However, it is important to consider that the relationship between these two countries not only affect the one involved but may also affect their allies and nearby nations as well.

Cooperation among countries seems to be more important than ever which is why concepts such as globalization are present today. Countries are encouraged to welcome trade between different countries with less or even no tax in order to show support, however, the problem is for third world countries local business may not be able to compete with the lower priced goods from the reduced tax. China and the US may be able to benefit a lot from globalization due to the wealth and size of their economies however it is important that these two countries are able to help surrounding nations as well.

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In fact, both China and the US have already shown support to different countries by making investments and donations to the countries in need. Other forms of support come through a loan or even sale of second-hand equipment. The question still remains whether the US and China could further workout business relations in order to help surrounding nations even more.

Both the US and China have shown interests in certain regions such as the Asia-Pacific region. The US was supposed to be involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership but the current administration of Trump has decided to abandon it while China as started the ‘One belt, One Road’ program which is designed to open up trade relations similar to that of the Silk Road from the past. Even if the US has abandoned the TPP it still has shown support in different countries through direct support.

It is important for the US and China to work hand in hand with such programs because it could also do a lot for their trade relations with such countries. If both the US and China could work together and help shape trade across different countries from different regions. The big question is whether it is possible and if it could happen anytime soon.

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One thing that could not be denied is that the relationship between both countries has faced a lot of problems in the past and even until today. A lot of issues involving the US, China, and their allies have made it hard for both countries to make progress with their agreement. An example of this is the issue between Japan and China over the rape of Nanking. Something that happened in the past which may not even involve the US may still cause problems for the business relations between US and China if ever it decides to show support for Japan. It is important to take a look at the past in order to understand just how things got difficult between China and the US.

However, it could not be denied that a smoother relationship between both countries could mean a lot on a global scale. Cooperation between both countries could also lead to the cooperation of their neighboring countries which could, in turn, create new possibilities in terms of importation and exportation of goods and also new sources of income for the countries involved.





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