The Hot Desk Hive – How Hot Desking Can Help You Stay a Busy Bee

The Hot Desk Hive – How Hot Desking Can Help You Stay a Busy Bee

Hot-desking is a part of the co-working office format that involves seating professionals at desks that hold a number of people. The benefit to this working style is that it encourages and promotes networking among professionals. More importantly, this office format provides professionals with all of the important IT services needed to work.

Hot desking is a much more inexpensive option to the dedicated desk and is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to others in the co-working community. Whether making referrals, finding mentors, and collaborating, the hot-desk can place you at the centre of activity. The hot-desk, however, has other benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hot-desking and how this office solution can keep you productive.

Desk Style

Many of these desks come with adjustable features (arms, tablet stands, and laptops), which can make working a little more comfortable. In addition to working on the computer, many of these seats are made for comfort as well and can be adjustable. Some outfits customise the desks so power strips, power modules and other necessities are easily accessible. Pretty much, these areas are customised stations designed to promote work among professionals.



The hot desk provides professionals with some of the same internet capabilities that would be found in a traditional office. Professionals can access standard technologies found online such as document sharing, email and online chat. Furthermore, this technology tends to be some of the best in offering Wifi high-speed internet.

Office Etiquette


Many organisations have implemented a strict policy that will help ensure everyone who works at these stations has the best experience. These policies include making sure professionals adopt a germ-free environment and making sure the area is clean. Other policies include making sure professionals guard against territoriality, cliquing, and other behaviours that make working in one of these setups uncomfortable.

Job Satisfaction


Because hot-desking format promotes networking, professionals might find themselves engaging with others from diverse industries. This ability to connect with others from different industries make it possible for professionals to make inroads in making business connections with others, which includes collaborations. Essentially, the environment encourages professionals to be motivated toward building their business.

Encourages Teamwork


As a part of collaborating, these hot-desks can be the source of much innovation and creativity. In fact, the hot-desk is a place where professionals can plan, design, and discuss some of the ideas that create opportunities to turn ideas into credible ventures. Furthermore, as a centrally located space in the office, these desks promote team cohesiveness.

First Come, First Serve Policy


The hot-desking policy also has created the environment where professionals essentially work because desks are not assigned. Professionals are encouraged to work because space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and during peak times, desk spaces are often occupied. While professionals can work in off hours, the tendency is to work while at the hot desk because space is a premium.




The point of making the trek to your co-working space is to get out of your home environment, which can be filled with many distractions. One of the pluses of working in the co-working environment is related to the fact some of these spaces are a home away from home. In addition to having many of the conveniences of the offices, some of these spaces are extremely cosy. For many professionals, getting away to an environment, which encourages productivity but is also personalised is another reason professionals remain busy.

Co-Working Spaces That Encourage Productivity


Ultimately, as comfortable as the co-working space is, it can also fuel a lot of productivity from the professionals who adopt this office style. With comfortable furniture that alleviates some of the discomforts of sitting at a desk all day, these workstations are a part of this productivity. Furthermore, as the focal point of discussion, these hot-desks are also a source of much innovation and collaboration.

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