Things to Consider When Buying a Dog

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog

Owning a dog can be such a delight. Dogs are known to be highly loyal, friendly and playful. If you have one, you might even prolong your life. If you have been thinking about getting a new dog, here are several important things to consider about:

Not All Dog Breeds are Alike

We all know dogs have their own distinct personalities. In addition to that, dogs can have different characteristics depending on the breed of the animals. Some of this is physical. A dog with a lot of fur, for example, would tolerate colder environments much better than a hot one. Some dog breeds can be left alone, while others can get depressed if left alone. Some breeds are suited for apartment living, some are not. There are many other factors to consider. Therefore, you should first select a dog breed that matches your current lifestyle. Don’t choose a breed based on looks alone. Think about where you live, how much time you have to spend with the dog, your house or apartment, and presence of children. Take all these factors into consideration before choosing a dog breed to buy a puppy from.

Find a Legitimate Breeder to Buy from

If you are not rescuing a puppy and want to buy a breed that suits you, you must be careful to choose a breeder that is legitimate. Don’t fall for each and every Irish setter puppies for sale ads you see online. In Australia, online puppy scams are quite common. Scammers sometimes use stolen pictures to swindle interested buyers using such things as “postage fees.” Then there are also cruel puppy mills that hurt animals. You need to buy a dog from a registered seller that breeds puppies humanely. To avoid scammers and criminals, check if the seller is part of a well-known dog breeder organization. The breeder should also have a web presence complete with a professional website. Also, you should be able to meet the breeder in person and see the puppy in its current home.

Learn about Health and Wellbeing

Dogs, like humans, have their own diseases that owners are expected to take care of. For example, if you are too cash-strapped to pay vet bills, you might want to buy a healthy dog. Some dogs and puppies inherited medical conditions that may require constant vet care. If this is too much to handle, you should be aware of potential risks before you buy the dog. Ask to look at the dog’s recent vet reports. Also, ask if the dog’s parents or grandparents suffered from any illnesses to rule out genetic diseases that might show later in life. You can take the dog for an inspection by a vet you know just to be sure.

Think about Where You Live

Would your neighbours tolerate a dog? If your neighbours prefer the quiet, then getting a dog may not be the best choice of action. Dogs barks and puppies love running around. Therefore, neighbourhood considerations should also be one of the main things to think about when getting a new dog.


If you have children, you might want to get a dog that is extremely family friendly. Despite popular belief, not all dogs are tolerant of little kids.  Therefore, this is a major consideration before you decide to have children.

Future dog owners should take extra care to buy an animal legitimately instead of falling for cruel scams. You can start now by following the above suggestions.

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